Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about CNN’s Jake Tapper asking Bernie Sanders why voters should should vote for Democrats if they blame them for inflation; Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” showing how bad midterm polling has gotten for the Democrats; Margaret Brennan of “Face the Nation” realizing that some Democrat voters want more parental rights in education; Amy Klobuchar telling the hosts of “The View” why midterm polling doesn’t reflect reality; trans activist Dylan Mulvaney’s bizarre interview with Joe Biden for Now This News where Biden gives his full support for gender surgery for kids; Joe Biden not realizing that his student loan forgiveness plan was never voted on by congress since it was an executive order; Nancy Pelosi telling “Face the Nation” that people need to stop talking about inflation and the cost of living crisis; Kamala Harris lying on camera about her support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund after the George Floyd protests; MSNBC’s Joy Reid accusing Florida of recreating Jim Crow era voter suppression; CNN’s Jake Tapper waking up to the pandemic learning loss caused by Democrat’s COVID school closures; and much more.


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0:00 Intro
5:05 Bernie Sanders Explains Why Vote For Dems
14:15 Why Dems Are In Trouble
23:55 Joe Biden’s Shocking Interview With Dylan Mulvaney
33:52 Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want You Talking About Inflation
40:19 Kamala Harris & Dems Campaign On Lies
53:57 Meme Monday & Locals Chat

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