Let's do the Real Reset that we need,

not a Great Reset that the Governments are preparing for us.


Ultimately, we would like to establish a new autonomous
nation built upon simple principles of cooperation,
openness, common sense, and shared prosperity.

We have begun to work on various projects that are open
to everyone with the expectation that many people would
participate. All of these projects have the same basic
of helping society progress by either exposing
the secret
reality or solving issues in the novel,
and unconventional ways.

Neither our group nor we represent any country,
government, religion, organization, or firm. We are
just open-minded individuals who support a free
and open society for everyone.


Let’s stop arguing about who is responsible for all the mess here. Are they the Anunnaki, the Aliens, the Lizard People, our Governments, the Jews, the bankers, the Deep State, Eugenics, the Technocrats, or maybe it’s just our Egoism and our Greed, or perhaps all of the above? And What difference does it make?

Governments are supposed to be representatives of ourselves, working for us. But can you imagine owning a company and having your employees go to secret meetings that you could not attend and make some decisions about the company you would normally disagree with but would have to obey regardless?
Isn’t that how it is with our governments these days and actually always been, more or less. It feels more like them against us. Like they are our overseers. And the democratic elections, doesn’t it feel more like just choosing who will be our next slave master? Haven’t we become intelligent, conscious, and brave enough to figure out this one, without being doomed to an apocalyptic end, or have we not yet found the courage to get out of slavery?

We are approaching a crossroad, and we should finally step back and look at everything from the “out of the box” position. We can’t thrive and prosper as humanity without our system’s complete overhaul. Sure, we can make some minor changes to our system, but that’s just on the surface of all the mess. In fact, we’ve been doing that for generations, motivated just by greed and profit, and manipulated and controlled by politicians with their agendas, and all our slavery has remained relatively unchanged.

There are governments and self-appointed leaders everywhere screaming at us that there is a need for the Great Reset. The reset they have in their minds is certainly not a better, free society without secrets, where everyone would prosper, but the exact opposite of it.

There are enough people in the world realizing that there is no other way to move humanity forward. This planet is abundant, the whole cosmos is open to us, and we all can prosper, live in harmony, expand our knowledge and open new opportunities beyond our dreams. 

Suppose we get together and put intelligent, open-minded people and visionaries in charge and stop being afraid of radical new ideas. In that case, we can start figuring out how to create an entirely new system from the ground up.
Otherwise, nothing will change. Sure, it won’t be easy, there will be problems, hiccups, and some setbacks on our way, but we will learn from these mistakes and adapt and do what will work.
Remember that this will probably be the first time in history when such an event occurs without some hidden agenda.
Then we will have a Real Reset that we need and not a Great Reset that the establishment is cooking up for us.

That will undoubtedly begin the chain reaction, and once people, even the skeptical ones, see that there is such a possibility, they will demand the same, it will trigger a chain reaction and it will be unstoppable.


It seems like an impossible dream. When you see so many problems everywhere, it is difficult to imagine how anything could change. Remember, they are just artificially placed to keep us under control.
Everything is actually simple if we are willing to look at it with an open mind and if we are ready to take all the necessary steps, even the radical and unusual ones, not as one nation or continent but as the whole of humanity.
It is a major problem that there is no proven alternative system, as those in power ensured that any country that attempted to follow a different course would fail, so we have no model to follow.
People are either afraid of radical change or rewarded enough so that they preferred bad slavery systems that seemed somewhat viable over unknown freedom, with all of the chaos and destruction that our ruling classes, media, and apocalyptic movies warned us would occur.
We can see that despite open-minded people wanting change, they are divided into many small groups due to some slight disagreements. Rather than fighting them, shouldn’t we concentrate on the fundamental principles and changes we want that will unite us all?

Let’s first concentrate on having a new, free and open society without secrets and hidden agendas based on simple principles. Once we have such a system with this strong foundation, it will be much easier for us all to figure out what works best.


*Just some of them, not in chronological order.

♦ Get people together to work on special projects that will help us uncover the truth about our history, UFOs, aliens, and our health. The CubeSat project to our Moon and Phobos is already under way, and we are working on a new Hi-Tech project to study ancient sites in Africa.
All our recent and upcoming projects are
listed on our site at

♦ Set up small factories in Africa operated by and benefiting local producers. They will also have direct distribution links to the world.

♦ Setting up autonomous research centers, opened to anyone, even people with fringe ideas rejected by the mainstream science community.

♦ The goal is to make 2025 the year in which a truly free and open nation is established. Arguably for the first time in known history.