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What IF you only have 20 seconds to discern if the encounter you are witnessing, be it a close encounter with E.T, UFOS, or other paranormal and supernatural entities, has good or bad intensions?
With over 30 years of researching the paranormal, UFOs, and mysteries, Barry Fitzgerald joined Kristin Gillespie at the historic Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK to discuss the idea that the beings we consider angels or devils, gods or demons, may actually be two sides of the same coin. A lot of the mysterious phenomena associated with ETs and alien abduction are mirrored in the worlds of spirits, the jinn, old gods, and fairy lore, he pointed out, with the common ground being an air of deception. The grand deception is that there are a variety of supernatural beings and entities with agendas and intentions that range from good to evil, when in reality, there is really just one force.

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