Welcome back! It was an honor and a privilege to have on our next guest, as I have been an avid listener of his since 2020. With us today is Dr. Andy Kaufman. Andy has made massive waves in the medical arena, educating, debating, and backing many of his claims that ultimately veyerussis have never been isolated in any true gold standard. We discuss his exodus out of the babylonian medical system, as well as the path of medicine that he has come to adopt: Nature. We dive deep into all things water and why it is critical for us to innerstand the significance of this element in regards to our well Being. We go on to discuss what a “new” life of medical freedom is, and will, look like; it starts with OwnerShip (ship-vessel): Own Your Vessel.

Dr. Kaufman has put himself on the chopping block for truth. His persistence and dedication to finding the truth on these vital matters is bar none. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I had.

You can find Andy, his products, and how you can get involved over at his website: https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/

You can also find him on Instagram: @drandrewkaufmanmd


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