This is Why So Important For Nasa!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video ,Exploring the surface of the moon should perhaps be one of the most important goals if mankind really wants to reach the stars. So This is Why The Moon Is So Important For Us!! Music Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ➨ Subcribe Share […]

Arch Like Structure And Much More Found On Mars! ~ 1/23/2023

*Please Watch to the End ** Watch in HD and Full Screen As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris…. IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss ** These pictures are made public to […]

Scientists Have Discovered This Around Antarctica!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video .Scientists have discovered a grain of dust left over from a stellar explosion that predated our solar system. Found within a chondritic meteorite retrieved from Antarctica, the grain – which has been named LAP-149 is the only known example of graphite and silicate that can be traced […]

Nasa's rover found this on mars!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video . Nasa’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars at 20:55 GMT on 18 February after almost seven months travelling from Earth. Since then, it has sent back some amazing images from around its landing site, Jezero Crater, a 49km (30-mile) wide impact depression just north of the Red […]

Something very strange happend Under Water!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video Something very strange happend at the baltic sea . A large underwater observatory has mysteriously disappeard without a trace. The underwater observatory, which had been at the bottom of the sea since December 2016 suddenly disappeard. After the situation confirmed The divers were sent to the site, […]

the Canadian Space Agency headquarters (CSA) in a briefing… talk about Launching From Canada

Welcome and Thanks for Subscribing and joining in the conversations.. -In a briefing at the headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) outside Montréal,…Canadian Space Port being built in Nova Scotia since last year….for future rocket launches on Canadian soil.. -NASA faces “difficult choices” for current and future Earth science missions…WIll Artemis program be dropped? […]

What If It's True?

We already know that microbes can survive deep below our planet’s surface, even though nutrients are generally scarce. Biologists suspect that the microbes enter a minimally active mode to stay alive. But whether they can emerge unscathed has been unclear. In the lab, the researchers gave the microbes nutrients laced with distinctive isotopes of carbon […]

What Happend On ISS Station?

Corsair is here welcome to my new video Scientists have identified a bacterium that seems surprisingly capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Scientists have long speculated over what processes might have given rise to life on other worlds. One such process, which is known as panspermia, involves life from one planet being transported […]


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