This thing is on MARS!! 2022!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video . There was a primitive ocean on Mars that held more water than our Artic Sea and alien hunters believe to have spotted signs that life once inhabited the ancient sea. Nestled in the dust of the Gusev crater, appears to be a round broken sea shell […]

What Is That Thing On Mars?? 2022!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video The Tower” seems to show a tall tower or stack with a white tip casting a long shadow. If it is indeed a tower of some kind, it stands at an incredible 6.3 kilometers high 12 times taller than the largest skyscraper on Earth. Could these “structures” […]

MAJOR Space Threat? It's Pointing Directly At Our Planet..

Secureteam Merch: A giant Sunspot has doubled in size over the past 24 hours – and it’s pointing directly at Planet Earth.. Let’s dive In. – For UFO video submissions or Business inquires, please see links provided further down the video description below. – Follow me for UFO content updates: Instagram: Twitter: […]

One of the most fascinating mystery of mars!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video .One of the most fascinating images, shows a ribbed tube or tunnel-like structure. Partially covered by the surface terrain, the structure looks as though it has been unearthed by some geologic process. The structure resembles the so-called “glass worms. These are, without a doubt, the most fascinating […]

Look What Did I Find On Mars!

Those pictures are taken by the Mars Global Surveyor, look quite like aerial photos of an Earth desert dotted with shrub growth. But these sand dunes are in the southern hemisphere of Mars. A Hungarian research team, which has been analyzing the photos (and other photos of the same area over time), has concluded that […]

WOW! Ordinary looking crater with something extraordinary looking inside it!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video ! Here is one of the most peculiar craters on Mars. Taken by the Mars Global Surveyor, the photo clearly shows an ordinary-looking crater with something extraordinary-looking inside it. Off-center is a dome-like structure, nearly perfectly spherical, that appears to have a golf ball-like texture. This dome […]

What Russia is Trying To Do In Space?

Corsair is here welcome to my new video. A cosmonaut has given an insight into the protocol to follow if humans were ever to meet intelligent aliens. The hunt for aliens continues to heat up and it gained traction when scientists announced the discovery of a possible biosignature in the clouds of Venus. But finding […]

Experienced ISS astronauts will head there!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video .In addition to landing humans on the Moon, the Artemis III mission will aim to achieve several scientific goals.Launching aboard an Orion spacecraft on top of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, the crew of Artemis III which will consist of one man and one woman picked from […]

Rover Curiosity Finds Mechanical Parts On Mars ~ 6/23/2022

*Please Watch to the End ** Watch in HD and Full Screen As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris…. IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss ** These pictures are made public to […]