Nephilim Giants – The Lost Chronicles of Human History

Join Gaia and unlock a treasure trove of eye-opening content, including many more episodes like this one. Click here to join: @GaiaVideo Tales of giants, found in every ancient culture, are often dismissed as mere myth. But they may be an important part of our origin story. Experts come together to discuss giants as […]

445,000 Years Ago They Came To Earth – Ancient Civilizations Tried To Tell Us

Dive into a celestial realm of captivating artworks: The Anunnaki, according to ancient Mesopotamian texts, were a group of deities who supposedly descended to Earth from the heavens. These beings are often associated with advanced knowledge, technology, and creation myths. Some proponents of alternative history theories suggest that the Anunnaki might have played a […]

Akashic Records: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

Join Gaia and unlock a treasure trove of eye-opening content, including many more episodes like this one. Click here to join: @GaiaVideo Step into a realm of unparalleled knowledge and insight as you unlock the doors to the Akashic Records—an extraordinary repository containing the entire tapestry of human history, thoughts, and emotions across time’s […]

The Tomb of Gilgamesh DISCOVERED #shorts

Watch the full video on my channel! Delve into the secrets of an extraordinary Sumerian king and legendary hero as archaeologists unveil the remarkable burial site that promises to rewrite the pages of history. source

The Epic of Gilgamesh #shorts

Watch the full video on my channel! This awe-inspiring epic, considered one of the earliest surviving works of literature, takes you on an unforgettable journey through the adventures and tribulations of Gilgamesh, a legendary Sumerian king. source

LIDAR Scan Discovered an Unknown Civilization In The Amazon

For centuries, it was believed that the Amazon Rainforest was a huge expanse of natural wilderness untouched by human hands, home to only a few tiny indigenous tribes since time immemorial. However, new research has shown that this longstanding belief is wrong, that in fact, the Amazon is not an untouched wilderness, but was once […]

9 Biblical Events That Actually Happened – Confirmed by Science

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time, with somewhere between five and seven billion publications to date. You don’t have to be religious to be aware of its most popular stories, many of which have woven themselves into broader cultures all over the world. Mention […]

Crop Circle Appeared With a Complex Message from Enki

In the small town of Porrino, Italy, a crop circle emerged, which depicted a seven-pointed star. Contained in the design was a code, which seemed to identify its creator as somebody named Enki. This is not a random or inconsequential name. Enki is the name of an ancient Sumerian god, a precursor to Aquarius. More […]

12,000-Year-Old Site With a TERRIFYING Warning – Göbekli Tepe

In 1963, researchers conducting a survey in southeastern Turkey came across another unusual site. It was called Gobekli Tepe, or “Belly Hill,” and at the top of this hill, researchers found broken slabs of limestone strewn in every direction. Buried below the surface of the hill were a series of megaliths up to 18 feet […]

Angkor Wat – Ancient Hydraulic City Using Advanced Technology #shorts

Watch the full video in my channel @UniverseInsideYou The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia might be the most astonishing ancient site on earth. Covering an area of more than 400 acres, it is made up of something like 10 million stone blocks intricately carved and stacked into temples, terraces, and galleries. For comparison, Angkor […]