Roe decision brings us incredible CLARITY on the LUCIFERIANS running the abortion child sacrifice cult –

(Natural News) It’s all the same pool now: the left-wing vaccine pushers, abortion instigators, LGBT indoctrinators, child groomers, transgender genital mutilators, pedophiles and luciferians… they have become a homogenized group of death cult practitioners who feed on children while working to destroy every Christian person or pro-life on planet Earth. And now in the aftermath […]

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022 –

(Natural News) The string of fires that appear to be sabotage operations targeting food processing facilities is surprisingly lengthy. Our research team has meticulously documented the reports and sources for nearly 100 such fires that have been reported across the USA from early 2020 to the present day. This list is presented in chronological order. […]

Entire U.S. supply of diesel engine oil may be wiped out in 8 weeks… no more oil until 2023 due to “Force Majeure” additive chemical shortages –

(Natural News) As if we all needed something else to add to our worries, a potentially catastrophic situation is emerging that threatens to wipe out the entire supply of diesel engine oil across the United States, leaving the country with no diesel engine oil until 2023. This isn’t merely a rumor: We’ve confirmed this is […]

Cattle deaths explained? NASA warns of deadly magnetosphere “rifts” that allow intense solar radiation to wipe out large numbers of animals on Earth –

(Natural News) The mysterious cattle deaths that took place over the weekend in Kansas — now rumored to exceed 10,000 head of cattle — have defied traditional explanations. The official story is that high heat killed the cattle, but I have now personally talked with two owners of cattle in Texas who have both confirmed […]

Are they being poisoned on purpose? –

(Natural News) Following over 100 fires that appear to be acts of sabotage against food facilities across the United States, speculation is now running rampant about thousands of cattle that appear to have died suddenly in Kansas over the weekend. According to the corporate media which also claims all covid vaccines are “safe and effective,” […]

The whole house of cards is coming down –

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 by: Mike Adams Tags: bitcoin, chaos, Collapse, crash, crypto, Federal Reserve, finance, interest rates, loans, money, mortgage rates, Real Estate, risk, stock market This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author […]