Smart means not having everything smart…| Ep30

[ad_1] People dying from insane weight-loss surgeries, how many more before they’re banned? US supplies close to $ 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine in another escalation with zero peace talks. And Smart appliances listen to everything you say and do then sell that data to major tech giants in another example of a […]

If they want us fat and lazy, let’s get fit and healthy | Ep20

[ad_1] There has been a clear shift towards making people more unhealthy, less active and more addicted to junk, fast foods. Obesity is at an all-time high, as well as other health conditions related to weight and a lack of exercise. This trend is not an accident but completely by design, and its time we […]

Is this all part of the plan to get Trump re-elected? | Ep17

[ad_1] This morning on the Jaymie Icke Show…Former US President Donald Trump faces more legal charges in the state of Georgia, as he continues to rise in the polls every time these challenges come. Online grooming is at an all-time high, this will be used to justify the online harms bill, which is nothing about […]

Is the plant-based diet a cult scam to weaken humanity? | Ep14

[ad_1] This morning on the Jaymie Icke Show…The push towards a plant-based or synthetic meat diet is growing daily, and the mainstream demonises meat-eating and farming as causes of ‘climate change’. Is this designed to weaken humanity by pushing for chemical, non-natural foods on us? Do migrants need to take self-responsibility for the risks they […]

The BBC tackling misinformation…Oh, the irony

[ad_1] STREAM EVERY WEEK ONLY ON ICKONIC – CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 7-DAY FREE TRIAL As the enigmatic Ron DeSantis launches his presidential campaign, the nation is thrust into a high-stakes political drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, the controversial notion of white toilets being labelled as racist […]

Out with the Ickes | STREAMING NOW ON ICKONIC – David Icke

[ad_1] ‘OUT WITH THE ICKES’ | STREAMING NOW These three men represent one of the world’s most-lied about and misrepresented families; whether it is the ideologies they live by or the viewpoints they have on world events, you will never hear anything vaguely resembling the truth of what they think in the mainstream. Start your […]

Coming Up this week on the Dot-Connector

[ad_1] This week on the Dot Connector, David looks at the week’s biggest news stories and puts them into the wider context of why they’re happening. Context is king, not seeing events as random and unconnected. The why is the key. THANK YOU for taking the time to visit, we’re thrilled to see you! […]

Gareth Icke Tonight | Launching Today | 7pm UK Time

[ad_1] NEW EPISODE EVERY THURSDAY – 7PM UK TIME – Hosted by the outspoken and opinionated Gareth Icke, this weekly current affairs show will take on the stories the mainstream ignores, covering the topics and platforming the people that are otherwise silenced. This show not only tells you what is going on, it looks at […]

Albion: Heart of the World | Highlight Reel

[ad_1] ‘I’ve wanted to make these films for 30 years and thanks to Ickonic here they are.’ ~David Icke. What are the forces that closed down ALBION: HEART OF THE WORLD? What lies beyond the scene that impacts our daily lives? Who are the INTER-DIMENSIONAL INFLUENCERS of human society? What is the significance of ALBION, […]