The BBC tackling misinformation…Oh, the irony

STREAM EVERY WEEK ONLY ON ICKONIC – CLICK HERE TO START YOUR 7-DAY FREE TRIAL As the enigmatic Ron DeSantis launches his presidential campaign, the nation is thrust into a high-stakes political drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, the controversial notion of white toilets being labelled as racist sparks […]

Out with the Ickes | STREAMING NOW ON ICKONIC – David Icke

‘OUT WITH THE ICKES’ | STREAMING NOW These three men represent one of the world’s most-lied about and misrepresented families; whether it is the ideologies they live by or the viewpoints they have on world events, you will never hear anything vaguely resembling the truth of what they think in the mainstream. Start your 7-day […]

Coming Up this week on the Dot-Connector

This week on the Dot Connector, David looks at the week’s biggest news stories and puts them into the wider context of why they’re happening. Context is king, not seeing events as random and unconnected. The why is the key. THANK YOU for taking the time to visit, we’re thrilled to see you! Not […]

Gareth Icke Tonight | Launching Today | 7pm UK Time

NEW EPISODE EVERY THURSDAY – 7PM UK TIME – Hosted by the outspoken and opinionated Gareth Icke, this weekly current affairs show will take on the stories the mainstream ignores, covering the topics and platforming the people that are otherwise silenced. This show not only tells you what is going on, it looks at the […]

Albion: Heart of the World | Highlight Reel

‘I’ve wanted to make these films for 30 years and thanks to Ickonic here they are.’ ~David Icke. What are the forces that closed down ALBION: HEART OF THE WORLD? What lies beyond the scene that impacts our daily lives? Who are the INTER-DIMENSIONAL INFLUENCERS of human society? What is the significance of ALBION, the […]

Messengers S7 | Ickonic Original Series

Coming 20th March only to Ickonic… The BIG questions, who are we? What is reality? And what does the future hold? This 6-part series will address them all. Don’t miss it… Not yet subscribed? Sign up today for a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL. Tens of thousands of subscribers globally are already enjoying our eye-opening, uncensored and […]

The Holy Grail | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Streaming 7th & 10th April…

THE HOLY GRAIL | STREAMING 7TH & 10TH APRIL ONLY ON Ickonic The Holy Grail is Christianne van Wijk’s journey in finding out what the holy grail is and how it is relevant to today and to the current spiritual transition and awakening that humanity is going through.It takes her on a journey through stunning […]

This week on the Dot-Connector

This week in David’s round up of the news you need to hear he looks at a range of issues. One being the comments made about David by podcaster Joe Rogan, and how that may tie into an issue that affects the circulation of the truth. This plus more on today’s show. Streaming 7pm only […]

The Jaymie Icke Show | Are you ready for something even more Ickonic? – David Icke

Here at Ickonic we have some exciting new changes coming to the channel very soon. New programs, new technology and also some groundbreaking new documentaries and series designed to inspire and empower. CEO Jaymie Icke outlines these changes in tonight’s episode and showcases just what Ickonic has to offer, for everyone. THANK YOU for taking […]

A fight for mental health

I am having my 3rd and final (according to my wife) boxing fight this March to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. So many people are struggling to cope with the very basics of life, we live in a world that is completely anti-human is seems designed to make people feel uneasy and […]