UFO researcher Jaime Maussan presented two “non-human” bodies at the Mexican Congress, which are at least 1,000 years old and possess a genetic composition 30% distinct from that of humans. The bodies were discovered in a mine in Peru and displayed strange features such as three-fingered hands, elongated skulls, and lightweight bones. One of the […]

Was Ollantaytambo Built By Giants?

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Europe’s Oldest Artillery Cannon Found Off the Coast of Sweden

A shipboard cannon, found off the west coast of Sweden, may be the oldest piece of artillery ever found in Europe! Discovered in the waters off Marstrand, the cannon has been crafted from cast copper-alloy and of small, muzzle-loading design. It was discovered by a recreational diver at a depth of 20 meters (65.6 ft) […]

Zelensky is angry again…

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SWIFT enrolls 3 central banks in CBDC interoperability beta test, expands sandbox

Three central banks have joined the beta phase of bank messaging platform SWIFT’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) interoperability project, the company announced Sept. 13. It has also entered a new phase of sandbox testing, it said. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan and an unnamed central bank have integrated their […]

The Questionable Virus Theory – David Icke

I dusted off my old Latin-German dictionary of 1981 and looked up the word VIRUS. The translation says slime, tough moisture, natural poison, poisonous juice, poison as a disgusting substance, drool, but also uncleanliness, clumsiness. I have listened to Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, read the books and articles by Dr. Tom Cowan MD and heard […]

Italy Is Making A HUGE MISTAKE

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