Signs 76 – Fireball Pulse Pattern : Your Own World USA

[ad_1] March was a victory for, and we’re happy to report that the end of USGS data capping is now in its second month. To be on the conservative side, let’s not get bubbly.  Eternal vigilance is called for! With fireballs, we’re in new territory, and it’s a ride.  February 2023 was a fireball trifecta, […]

What Has QE Wrought?

Today’s financial hardships stem first, from the Fed’s unconstitutional existence, and second from the Fed’s decade of near 0% interest rates and QE. Those disastrous policies created a decade’s worth of bad and uneconomic investments. Rising interest rates under Powell are the cure to those very bad decisions. But the “hangover” is that all of […]

Slavoj Žižek presents ‘Buddhism Masterclass – Part 2: Against Sacrifice’

ABSTRACT: In the last decades, critiques of my reading of Buddhism abound – even those who are otherwise sympathetic to my general approach claim that I miss the point when I target Buddhism. So I’ll try to clarify what I see as the radical difference between Lacanian position and Buddhism. Buddhism accepts the common view […]

60,000 Ton Ancient OOPART Beneath Sea of Galilee?

Join this channel to get access to perks: This is part of our special collection of cremastered classics made on the channel a few years ago, using new AI technology we have produced the kind of higher quality of work you now suspect from our channels, we hope you enjoy! & Don’t forget to […]