IMF Division Chief and Deputy Managing Director Call for Swift Regulatory Action to Avoid Crypto Contagion to Legacy Finance – Regulation Bitcoin News

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) division chief and deputy managing director are calling for more action to be taken in the regulatory aspect to avoid crypto’s ups and downs affecting banks and traditional financial institutions. Nobuyasu Sugimoto, deputy division chief of the financial supervision and regulation division of the IMF, and Bo Li, deputy managing […]

Government to audit nursing homes’ use of schizophrenia drugs that are abusively used to SEDATE patients into compliance –

(Natural News) The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) announced this week that it has begun auditing the nation’s nursing homes to see if they are accurately diagnosing and treating elderly patients for schizophrenia. Because of widespread overuse and abuse of antipsychotic pharmaceutical medications in seniors, CMS says it aims to crack down on […]

Journey To Enlightenment – Alan Watts on Nirvana

This YouTube video is a powerful and inspirational speech from renowned philosopher and author Alan Watts, providing insight into his unique take on the pursuit of enlightenment. #AlanWatts #Philosophy #Spirituality #Zen #ZenBuddhism #Meditation #Wisdom #Enlightenment #Consciousness #Taoism #Youtube #Videos #Spirituality #Enlightenment #Meditation #SelfDevelopment #Philosophy #KnowThyself #HumansAsHigherBeings #BeingsOfLight #SacredKnowledge #ConsciousEvolution #Ascension #Vibration #HigherPerspective #Existentialism #Awareness #Empowerment […]

Bitcoin price rally provides much needed relief for BTC miners

Bitcoin mining powers network transactions and BTC price. During the 2021 bull run, some mining operations raised funds against their Bitcoin ASICs and BTC reserves. Miners also preordered ASICs at a hefty premium and some raised funds by conducting IPOs.  As the crypto market turned bearish and liquidity seized within the sector, miners found themselves […]

Mummified Crocodiles Sacrificed to the Gods Uncovered in Egypt

While performing excavations at a site known as Qubbat al-Hawā in southern Egypt in 2019, archaeologists from the University of Jaén in Spain made a strange and startling discovery. They unearthed a tomb that contained the remains of 10 mummified crocodiles, which once swam the waters of the River Nile in large numbers during the […]

we have lost the plot

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World Economic Forum War Party

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the lobbying at Davos for extending the Ukraine proxy war into 2024, the latest palace intrigues from inside Ukraine’s government, and discuss the continued struggle for the freedom of Julian Assange with Randy Credico. source