US Treasury Seeks Public Comments on Crypto-Related Illicit Finance and National Security Risks – Regulation Bitcoin News

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is seeking public input on “digital-asset-related illicit finance and national security risks.” The department warned: “The growing use of digital assets in financial activity heightens risks of crimes such as money laundering, terrorist and proliferation financing, fraud and theft schemes, and corruption.” US Treasury Wants Public Comments on Crypto-Related […]

Drive Bitcoin Right Through South Carolina – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Dennis Fassuliotis, founder of South Carolina Blockchain Inc. and co-founder of South Carolina Emerging Technology Association, Inc. Why, you may ask? For starters South Carolina is on the verge of a financial revolution so to speak in terms of building a confluence of support for emerging blockchain technologies that […]

Evidence of Opium Use By Canaanites in 14th Century BC Found

Human beings have been using hallucinogenic or psychoactive drugs to experience pleasurable sensations or induce altered states of consciousness for thousands of years. It is possible this activity dates back tens of thousands of years, although definitive proof of this fact remains elusive. But thanks to a new study carried out by researchers from the […]

Noam Chomsky with Partha Banerjee September 20, 2022

My guiding light Noam Chomsky talked to me today about my broad-based alliance-building model called Second Circle, my little rejoinder on his famed Manufacturing Consent — I call it Journalism of Exclusion, and the rapid demise of society and collectivism, labor unions, true free speech and critical thinking, and destruction of democracy and diversity in […]

Vaccination Street short full version link: source

This week on ‘In The News Right Now’ – David Icke

🚨Tomorrow on ‘In The News Right Now’🚨@LeilaniDowding and myself are joined by a panel of… Naomi CookFanos PanayidesVinny Eastwood Tuesday 7pm UK – — Gareth Icke 🚜🇳🇱 (@garethicke) September 20, 2022 Sign up for a free seven day trial at Source link