Coinbase is fighting back as the SEC closes in on Tornado Cash

On Sept. 8, Coinbase announced it was bankrolling a lawsuit against the United States Treasury Department. The cryptocurrency exchange is funding a lawsuit brought by six people that challenges the sanctions on Tornado Cash. And on Sept. 9, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler announced he was working hard with Congress to create legislation […]

Will a Pre-Maya Skeleton be Destroyed by the Maya Train?

A cave-diving archaeologist has made a remarkable discovery in Mexico – a Pre-Maya human skeleton which may date to as far back as the end of the last ice age. It’s a fascinating find, but the human remains, which may be 8,000 years old, could be destroyed by the Mexican government’s plan for a high-speed […]

Did Information form ALIENS Lead to ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY?… The German Saucers DOCUMENTARY

Did the German forces possess technology that was at least 100 years ahead of the allies? After being captured, many top German scientists and psychiatrists admitted that an outside force assisted them, and that the ultimate mandate was to create “the most powerful weapon,” UFO’s. From the first jet aircraft and V-2 rocket encompassing incredible […]

How To Make a Takedown Longbow

How to make a takedown longbow. It can be taken apart in the handle and has a flatbow shape. Detailed description from start to finish of the build. A great book if you want to get started building bows is The Bowyer’s Bible series, and I would start with volume 1: Subscribe to […]


This is the trailer for the full two-hour remote-viewing documentary that can be found on Farsight’s Web Site: Farsight’s Streaming Service: source