JUNE 5, 2022…………NASSAU COUNTY NEW YORK A Syosset, New York, man reported seeing a reflective object moving at a slower pace than airplanes typically do, according to testimony in Case 122715. The witness was outside looking up into the sky and recording things he saw at 3:10 p.m. on June 5, 2022. A secondindividual also […]

American Scientists Said that its possible on mars!

Corsair is here welcome to my new video Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars. Discovered on the Red Planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover, these compounds can be found on Earth in various fossil fuels such as coal and oil as well as in certain types […]

Episode 423 – Into The Metaverse (The Media Matrix — Part 3)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed We stand at a precipice. On one side is “reality”: the original, authentic, lived human experience. And on the other side is the metaverse: the world of constantly mediated experience. In the middle is hyperreality, that blurry space between the real world and the mediated world. […]

We Are Being BOMBARDED…. – Press For Truth

It’s beyond crunch time, a silent war has been waged and your health and personal well being is currently under attack. There is poison in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, the “medicines” we take and also in the information we consume. In this video Dan Dicks of Press […]

Mentuhotep II and the Emergence of the Middle Kingdom

The iconic ancient Egyptians are perhaps the best and grandest example of an ancient civilization that was both technologically advanced and spiritually rich. It was during the Archaic Period that Egypt first began to flourish, after it was founded by the semi-mythical king Menes. The pyramids were built in Egypt’s next phase, the Old Kingdom, […]

The Trap – The Brand New Book By David Icke – OUT THIS FRIDAY – David Icke

David Icke has been writing books for decades warning that current events were coming. He has faced ridicule and abuse for saying that the end of human freedom was being planned, how, and by whom. David Icke’s The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998, has been called the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of the conspiracy movement for the […]

Bitcoin Independence And UnCommunism – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Aleks Svetski, author of “The UnCommunist Manifesto,” founder of The Bitcoin Times and Host of the “Wake Up Podcast with Svetski.” Almost 175 years have passed since “The Communist Manifesto” was published and circulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Some statistics point to it being one of the […]