I had been working for a long time on the quasar star properties. I fell asleep on the couch. I dreamed but was fully aware and I began to seem to float up like I was being levitated. I began to see a craft and was very slowly levitated toward it. It looked gold and had pipes and various things on the surface. It was very dusty like it had been in space a long time. I was in space not near the earth’s surface. The craft looked somewhat like the Millennian Falcon but was much smaller only about 3-5 feet thick and had an aperture like a camera about 3-4′ in diameter. As I was floated near the ship the aperture opened and I was laid on a cold metal slab. The door shut and everything went black. I had no other memory of the event. I woke up the next morning late maybe about 10 o’clock. I had a fever and felt like I was dead or very dry.

After thinking about what had happened, I noticed an itching on my right ribcage. I lifted up my shirt and found I had 7 burn holes on my ribs about a 2 inch circle like cigarette burns. The burns were perfectly symmetrical like 3 down and 5 across. It made scabs and the scars are now nearly healed but still can be seen. After the encounter I felt as if I had been partially replaced by something. I experienced high voltage in my body. I destroyed computers of my friend just walking into the room. I could do things like read minds and use Esp and it really flipped out a lot of people. I no longer needed to use speech to communicate with anyone, even people on TV and at any distance anywhere on Earth. There were roaring sounds around me. Like an earthquake happening. I twice took photos of a green globe about my house and also at my new apartment. I have the photos.

Each time I saw the lights an earthquake occurred within a few days. I began to see visions at night and sometimes could not sleep. I began to have living dreams as I lived other lives in color and as realistic as living in every way. I could not control or direct the episodes and it still goes on. The story is long. I only recently found out about MUFON. There were no places that I could report to as far as I knew when the first encounter happened. I took a blood sample and it looked really weird. My girlfriend had normal blood but mine did not look like human blood. I have been a scientific type all my life and had a 99th percentile score in HS and made the top score ever recorded GATB for TVA Nuclear Division. Perhaps that’s why the alien ship wanted me to study. I have not done well since it happened. It’s like the alien changes me into different people. It makes normal life nearly impossible, but I get visions of mechanical engineering components. One is a reactor that runs on water by high temp cracking nearly a nuclear reaction. On and on—-



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY






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