From an astronautical perspective, this sounds like a lower tolerable limit, since at this speed it would still take over six thousand years to get to the other side of our own galaxy.

In the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, travelling at superlight speed is indicated on a logarithmic scale on which Warp One is the speed of light and Warp 10 is the hypothetical situation that the ship arrives suddenly on the other side of the universe in an instant—a distance of at least 93 billion light years.

The journey undertaken by the spaceship Prometheus, which in the film takes two and a half years, would at Warp 5.4 be made in just 45 days—which is about the time Columbus spent on the Atlantic before making landfall in the Caribbean, on his first voyage of “discovery” of the Americas in 1492.


The Spectre of Free Energy

There is a school within the research field of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), alias Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), which holds that antigravity and free energy are twins. So here are some ideas as to what humanity’s becoming a spacefaring civilisation might mean for those of us left behind on Earth:

  • The end of centralised energy distribution: households across the planet generate all the energy they need themselves.
  • The end of electricity bills: after purchasing a free energy generator, no more recurring expenses.
  • Vehicles that hover and never need to be fuelled.
  • National highways are closed down, their maintenance staff retrained as landscape architects. Roads that connect cities are no longer needed, and the cities are transformed into parks with pedestrian and bicycle paths only.
  • Buildings permanently suspended in mid-air.


Disclosure Project press conference on 9 May 2001

Below is the most watched press conference in the history of the National Press Club in the USA: a truly extraordinary and media-suppressed event in which a dozen of over four hundred whistleblowers from inside the US Government and its contractors stepped forward and attested to the reality of paradigm-shifting space travel technologies, as well as asserting the existence of extraterrestrials. That event may very well be the closest the reader will ever get to an official acknowledgment of the suddenly mainstream UFO/UAP phenomenon.

Dr Steven Greer explained why he organised the event:

The reason we are coming forward now is that we are asking for the US Congress, and for President Bush, to move towards an official inquiry on disclosure on this subject. It has the most profound implications for human future, for US national security, and for peace.

They are sitting on technologies which can change the world forever.

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