@UAMNTV The Holographic Universe: The Science and the Implications – In this “intensive” Anthony Peake will give attendees a full review of the discoveries of quantum mechanics and cosmology and will attempt to explain, in layperson’s terms, exactly why it is that many modern researchers are convinced that the Universe is holographic in nature. He will also place this within a broader picture with regards to a number of altered-states of consciousness including Near-Death Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, DMT/Ayahuasca Experiences and entity encounters. This will be the first time ever that Anthony has given such an expansive, and detailed, review of his overall hypothesis ….. something he calls “Cheating The Ferryman.”

Anthony Peake, a lifelong scholar, delved into arcane subjects since childhood, alongside his passion for comics. Immersed in literature like Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s “The Sky People,” his journey into the esoteric intensified. University studies in sociology, language development, and Renaissance art complemented his wide interests. In 2000, he took a sabbatical from a managerial career to pen “Cheating the Ferryman,” weaving quantum physics, neurology, and ancient myths. This work gained recognition in academic circles and evolved into “Is There Life After Death?” which has sold over 60,000 copies globally and launched a series of thought-provoking books. A dedicated explorer, Peake continues to merge science and the mysterious, with his latest book exploring time-theories in the works of J.B. Priestley. An audio book of his debut work is among his recent accomplishments.

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