This presentation is an over-view of the last decade of strange sightings, unusual encounters, & generally weird images that often defy rational explanation.

Presented by Mark Olly, an author of six major books in print, best known for his appearances on Carlton Television’s ‘The History Detectives’, Mark also wrote and presented all three seasons (22 episodes) of ITV Granada’s award nominated ‘Lost Treasures’ adventure archaeology series, has presented for Sky History Channel, writes, presents and directs DVD’s for US media giant Reality Entertainments / Reality Films, wrote and directed four Music Videos for International US band Hayseed Dixie and three for Sacred Wind’s 2014/15 Christmas charity single, occasionally appears in movies, and recently played sessions with bands Soul Path, Sacred Wind, Metall Hose, Atakarma Giants, Wolf and Copperworm.

He is visiting lecturer at Wilsmlow Guild and the University Of Chester, an exam invigilator, occasionally heads up his own archaeological unit, and runs his own DVD production and props company MythCo.

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