ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Google can MANIPULATE swing voters to vote for candidates it supports, reveals Dr. Robert Epstein

Google can manipulate search suggestions and content to swing voters into voting for other candidates, according to longtime psychology researcher Dr. Robert Epstein.

He made this assertion during an Aug. 31 appearance on “Bannon’s War Room,” warning people not to use Google’s search engine as it is a surveillance and manipulation (S&M) platform. He told podcast host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: “It’s an S&M platform. It exists for two purposes only.”

“[First, it’s] to trick people into giving up lots and lots of personal information. [Second,] it’s also used for manipulation because they discovered quite a few years ago that if they control the ranking of the search results, they can control people’s opinions, purchases [and] votes,” said Epstein.

“Now, they can’t control everyone’s opinions because a lot of people already have strong opinions. So, the people they’re going after are the people who are undecided, the people who are vulnerable. They know exactly who those people are, and [their minds are] putty in their hands.”

Epstein had earlier remarked during an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” that search engines can affect how people think. He told podcast host Joe Rogan: “It can affect your opinions, attitudes, the purchases that you make, pretty much. It’s a mind-control machine. It’s the most powerful mind control machine that’s ever been invented.”

Google manipulates search results to suppress negative content on candidates it supports

Bannon remarked that the researcher had dropped a bombshell during his interview with Rogan. He then asked Epstein to explain how Google can manipulate voters and interfere with the 2024 elections through its mind control system.


Epstein, the founder and director emeritus of the Massachusetts-based Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, said they precisely measured the power search engine platforms have in controlled experiments. Through Google’s algorithm, the tech giant can manipulate the content that people see.

Epstein gave YouTube, which is under Google, as an example. Its algorithm controls the next video that is going to play if a person does nothing. Aside from the algorithm, the California-based company can manipulate search suggestions when a person types a search term. (Related: HERE WE GO AGAIN: Google hides campaign sites of Trump, RFK Jr. and other Republican candidates; Biden dominates top search results.)

Based on their experiments, Epstein said the search suggestions can turn undecided 50-50 voters into a 90-10 voters favoring candidates Google is backing. No one except the search engine giant knows that these voters have been manipulated. Also, the scheme leaves no paper trail behind for authorities to trace – except Google’s own systems.

According to the researcher, Google is doing this manipulation to suppress negative search suggestions for a particular candidate. If those negative search suggestions are allowed for other candidates, they would paint the candidate in a bad light when undecided voters look them up.

Epstein nevertheless mentioned that while all these techniques have an impact on the opinions and votes of people, they can be stopped. “That is how we know how many votes will shift next year and the direction in which they are going to shift, if we don’t intervene [and] if we don’t stop them,” he told Bannon.

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Watch the full conversation between Dr. Robert Epstein and Steve Bannon about Google’s search engine below.

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