My son wanted to go outside and lay in the driveway and look at the stars! And that’s what we did we stayed outside for a good 45mins. As I was picking up the pillows and blankets and son ran in the house before he came back out. I looked up and noticed something shiny just floating 10ft above my head it was even with an electric pole that’s in my driveway. I had to look than my son came back outside, and I told him to look, that’s a ufo. We stood there looking at it than my son said there staring at us. That’s when I took him inside. The ufo didn’t move the entire time we were looking at it. I couldn’t believe it was that close to my home after that I got the electric company to put in a security light out on that pole because it scared me.

As we were laying in the driveway, we didn’t see anything moving or nothing it had to come in while we weren’t watching, or it could have been there the whole time we were laying there, and we just didn’t notice it hovering and just watching us. Because as we were laying in the driveway it was behind us and when we stood up a few seconds later that’s when I noticed something floating and shiney. It just amazed me that how it came from nowhere and then all of a sudden it appeared just hovering with no noise, no lights on but if it wasn’t for it being shiny on the outside and the night sky wasn’t bright, I wouldn’t even notice it hovering that close to us. What makes this scarier about five or four years ago my oldest son came running through the house saying there was a UFO outside with their light on and they took off fast.

I did believe him but didn’t take it seriously until my youngest son and I encountered a UFO at the same home! After the encounter I would have dreams about them and also seeing them in my head. I also woke up one night after having a dream about them having a sense that someone or something had been in my room. We don’t know much about these creatures but if they can drive and design something that can fly faster than our airplane’s than we know there so advanced than us. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.







DuckDuckGo…………..KEN PFEIFER

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