I lived in another house in New Haven Mills, VT with 4 children.  This was in the summer of 1984.  My partner was there for the night.  I always slept with my bedroom door open so my children would feel free to come in and that I could hear them.  My oldest daughter (N) was 5 years old and was a sleep walker. I woke up around 2:am.  I heard a very loud humming sound hovering above the house.  I knew immediately what it was.  I started to rise out of my bed, but realized I could not move.  There were little beings, about 3 feet tall, ( many of them) scurrying busily all over my house.  I did not know what they were doing and wanted to get up.  The grey being was on my left and the only one in my room.  She spoke with me telepathically.  I  heard a loud clanging sound through-out the house.  I asked what was going on. 

(I was very scared). She showed me images of these blue beings pounding a long metal type pole through my house from above the roof.  I asked her what this was for.  She told me that it would act as a type of transmitter guide for other space crafts.  I heard what I thought was the toilet flushing.  I was so frightened that my daughter, N has gotten up and that they were going to take her.  This petrified me.  I told her to not take my daughter.  Her voice was calm. I asked her why she would not let me get up.  She told me to realize just how frightened I was and asked me what would I do with all that fear if she released me.  Then she did release me.  They were all gone.  I sat up immediately waking up my partner.  L. asked me what was the matter.  I told him to please go check to be sure N was still in her bed.  As I turned toward the bedroom door, I saw that the door was closed.  I never closed the door. 

Later in the evening of that same morning, I had put my younger children to bed.  N had been asleep for about an hour.  I saw her walking down the stairs and went to intercede and quietly guide her back to bed.  When I met her on the stairs, N said, “They told me to tell you…..they told me to tell you.. (blank).  I asked her what it was she was to tell me… it was then she woke up out of her sleep walk and said,  I don’t know. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Special Investigator George Medich.


U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY






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