According to UK UFO researcher Tony Dodd, he came across several accounts of human mutilation in the UK. He relates the story of seven people found dead over a period of several weeks in the same field in Dalby Forest, North Yorks. Classic mutilation involving the removal of tongues, eyes, bloodless and hairless. At the time the story started to leak out, a cover story (created by unknown persons) of mannequins being placed in the field was circulated to the press. Tony stated in these situations the bodies remain “missing” as potentially awkward questions would be asked about the cause of death by the families. Dodd goes on to relate in 1997 that one of his contacts witnessed the removal of a body with a hearse nearby and an official car with a blue light on the inside by the windscreen. Dodd feels it could have been a Ministry of Defense vehicle but there were no markings on it.

One of Dodd’s friends was a friend of the Undertaker involved in these retrievals. He approached the Undertaker who flatly refused to talk about it. His friend lately approached another Undertaker from the area who said he is unable to talk about it due to the Official Secrets Act. The Undertaker said there have been more than seven retrievals, “seven is the tip of the iceberg…” Interestingly Dodd goes on to relate that in Feb 1997 in the same forest, the dead bodies of seven rabbits, one fox, one badger, one sheep and one deer were discovered in an area no bigger than the average family sitting room. They each had a hole in their head, their rectum cored and square patches of their skin neatly removed.

Tony Dodd
Former Police Sergeant Tony Dodd

The second case involved an 8 year old girl in Staffordshire.

The third case involved two individuals found on Talybont Mountain in the Brecon Beacons. In August 1990 an SUV car was found with the engine running and the seats were missing. 2 weeks later, 3km from the car a male and female body were found laid out side by side. No blood, no genitals, teeth, ears, lips, eyes. The male was skinless. Breasts removed on the female.

Derek Gough and Richard Hall

UFO Researchers Richard Hall and Derek Gough have both met up with an unidentified former Army man Mr X who claimed to be part of a crack US-led NATO team called Group 58 Security whose task was to search for any evidence and seal off areas where UFO activity had been monitored. He said incidents had occurred all over the world including Australia, Iceland, Scotland and Spain amongst others. He witnessed 30-40 mutilated human beings over the course of his post. The bodies recovered had the classic neat edge surgical precision. Once the area was sealed off the second team of US scientists would arrive to remove the material for analysis. The latter was nicknamed “The Collectors.” Individuals recovered would remain on missing person’s lists and details not given to local authorities indefinitely. Mr X handed 11 photos to Derek showing the mutilations of 2 individuals: a male and female. These photos were personally taken by himself.

He said he once saw body parts inside a landed craft. He went onto say a number of colleagues have suffered radiation type injuries. He came across more female cases than male. Once “The Collectors” had collected the body it would be taken to a US base in North Scotland, the remains were placed in freezers and autopsies carried out. He said they often saw burn marks on the ground at sites, sometimes trees would be twisted almost in a full circle.

Derek later washed his hands of the photos and handed them to researcher Tony Dodd but Dodd never released them. He passed away in 2009… The story sounds fantastic but it is not beyond the realms of probability that there would be some sort of organized recovery group run by the US Government, especially if they have been aware of the phenomenon since at least the 1940s. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








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