Hello to everyone at MUFON. I’d like to thank you and congratulate you for your outstanding work in all of these years. And for bringing the UFO community together. I took some time to report this as there is some stigma around people reporting possible UFO sightings, especially among pilots… This is my first ever report and I took some time to really dissect it and try to understand if there was a rational explanation for it. I’m an Airline pilot and I’ve been flying commercially for about 5 years, having first started flying in early 2016. On this night, I was flying from Sal Island in Cape Verde, to Lisbon. We had already done the first leg of the flight (Lisbon-Sal), and we were doing the return flight, expecting to land in Lisbon at around 06:10 AM local time.

This is a normal commercial flight that we perform in the Airline I work for almost every day. Additionally, I myself have flown this route more than 30 times in the past 5 years flying. It was around 3AM (I don’t recall the exact time), but the other pilot was having his controlled rest (A common and standard procedure we do in Night Flights), as he was the one landing in Lisboa since I had already landed the plane in Sal about 2 and a half hours ago. We were flying in an area in which VHF radio communications aren’t the best. More specifically, leaving the Sal FIR (Flight Information Region) inbound the Canaries FIR, beside the Western Sahara in Africa, having passed abeam the city of Nouadhibou about 20m ago. At the time of the sighting, our airplane was outside VHF radio coverage and there weren’t any planes close to us (at least that showed to us on TCAS), although several airplanes fly through that corridor.

Despite that, we were in contact via CPDLC (controller pilot Data Link Communications) with Canaries Air Traffic Controllers as standard operating procedures dictate. After doing some routine inspections and route checks, I looked to my right (Facing a heading of about 120 magnetic degrees) and saw this triangular shaped object hovering alongside at the same speed as we were. My first thought was to look to the Navigation Display and see if there were other traffic around. None were shown. I wondered if it was the moon rising and poking from the horizon as there were basically no clouds at our altitude. But, on that night, the moon was already high up in the sky for a while. It also came to my mind that it could’ve been a lighthouse. But the light was way too consistent, strong and also differently colored than a light projected from a lighthouse.

Given those three assumptions, I wondered if I was witnessing an actual UFO, which I’m mostly convinced to this day. One of the things that striked my eye was the fact that I couldn’t actually understand the objects size. Now, this was strange as I’m more than comfortable in interpreting aerial distances and shapes due to my job, but it was not the case with this object. In fact, my first perception is that it was a two-dimensional object. I couldn’t perceive the objects size due to this fact. It could’ve been a very large object quite far away, or a small object at very close proximity. Additionally, I suspect it was indeed an object and not a star, satellite or comet, as the object was slightly below the horizon line. It’s not very perceptible in the footage I took, but the night was clear and I could clearly distinguish the sky from some smaller stratified clouds that were below the airplane’s flight path (we were flying at 37,000 feet).

I stood still for about 2 to 3 minutes just observing the object. During that time, it didn’t move, didn’t emit more light, didn’t perform nothing relevant. It just accompanied the airplane’s flight path for at least 10 minutes, during which I captured a small film using my phone camera (my apologies in advance for the lack of quality of the footage. I tried to zoom in and focus on the object but with no success) After I stopped the footage, I watched it with my phone a couple of times and did a routine check on the airplane. No systems were affected by the object. It just seemed to be monitoring us. When I finished my checks and looked again to the window, the object was not there anymore. The flight continued without any incident, and we landed in Lisbon at the expected time of Arrival. The day after the flight, I spoke to my dad about my sighting as he’s always been an avid UFO enthusiast and had a few coworkers of his whom had seen several UFO’s in their life.

One of them – who I myself got the chance to meet personally – was one of the Air Force pilots (Carlos Garcez who shared bunk beds with my father in school) who came to aid Lieutenant Júlio Guerra in the 1982 Portuguese Air Force UFO sighting. After I told him my sighting, he showed me a link – which I leave below – from a Canadian website showing footage of some ‘pyramid-shaped UFO’s’ captured by US Navy personnel to see if there were similarities. This is extremely similar to what I witnessed that night. The only differences being the light flashes which I did not see and the distance which helps perceiving the objects as three dimensional ‘pyramids’. I’d like to thank you all, yet again, for all your research and work during and I hope this report can help out in any way possible. Feel free to reach me should you need any additional details. Best Regards from Portugal. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer National Director for Portugal








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