Hello everyone, I’m back for another mini-lecture, attempting to introduce you to Žižek’s philosophical concept or ‘less than nothing’ which is key to his understanding of Hegelian dialectics.

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Above all, thank you to the patrons who keep supporting these lectures. It’s such an incredible pleasure to share in these ideas with you and I truly hope it’s helpful. My goal is to make these ideas slightly more accessible whilst retaining their complexity. I’ve always found them very stimulating and it gives me such joy to know that you also derive intellectual satisfaction from studying them.

If you’d like to do so together, we have a thriving and very welcoming community of likeminded thinkers and students on discord, which is available to patrons of all tiers, as well as a q&a that I host for patrons every Monday. Truly it gives me such pleasure to be able to share my enthusiasm with you. So thank you for helping me create this space and for being a part of this community.

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