Insurgent factions, guerrilla troops, and semi-autonomous military forces are among the organizations to which the Yakuza attempted to give firearms to. However, the Yakuza boss ended up getting busted at NYC steakhouse over the scheme to trade drugs for missiles with Myanmar insurgents.

Yakuza Boss Busted At NYC Steakhouse Over Scheme To Trade Drugs For Missiles With Myanmar Insurgents

Following a long three-year probe that traversed the world, a high-ranking Yakuza leader and three associates were apprehended in Manhattan, New York on Tuesday. The four individuals were charged with international narcotics and arms trafficking violations in connection with a conspiracy to swap huge amounts of heroin and methamphetamine for military-grade firearms.

Takeshi Ebisawa, a 57-year-old Yakuza chief, was having dinner at Morton’s Steak House when he was arrested after a three-year investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Two charges of narcotics trafficking conspiracy, conspiracy to possess firearms, which include machine guns and lethal devices, conspiracy to obtain, transfer, and possess SAMs and money laundering may land Ebisawa and his co-conspirators in prison for the rest of their lives.

Beginning in 2019, the DEA established a number of meetings and negotiations with Ebisawa thanks to an informant. Ebisawa and another Yakuza boss in Thailand named “Sampo” had aspirations to sell military-grade weaponry to the United Wa State Army in Myanmar and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, with the Wa State prepared to pay for their arms with heroin and methamphetamine, similar to the Contra Wars of the 1980s.

Another DEA source, together with two undercover Danish National Police agents, would end up showing Ebisawa a variety of military-grade weaponry in a Copenhagen warehouse in February 2021.

Ebisawa would next try to complete agreements with his buyers. He later negotiated further arms agreements totaling $40 million with Myanmar’s Shan State Army and the Karen National Union (KNU).

In compensation for the guns, 500 kilos of methamphetamine and 500 kilos of heroin would be shipped to New York City.

“We allege Mr. Ebisawa and his co-conspirators brokered deals with an undercover DEA agent to buy heavy-duty weaponry and sell large quantities of illegal drugs. The drugs were destined for New York streets, and the weapons shipments were meant for factions in unstable nations. Members of this international crime syndicate can no longer put lives in danger and will face justice for their illicit actions,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement.

Insurgent factions, guerrilla troops, and semi-autonomous military forces are among the organizations to which the Yakuza attempted to give firearms.

The Yakuza is a Japanese crime organisation that has spread throughout the world. The group, which follows the samurai code of “blood, honor, and obedience,” is said to be in charge of Japan’s gambling, prostitution, drug, loan sharking, gun smuggling, and extortion rackets, as per the Department of Justice. Their influence may be seen in the architecture, entertainment, and politics of Japan.

With offices in Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York City, the organization has spread across the United States.

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