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The less boundaries someone has, the more other people can then walk on them, and therefore the less attractive they come off. Now, in this video, I’mma show you how to stop the cycle of other people walking on you, how to stop the cycle of repelling love away,
because the value isn’t coming from the inside out and being expressed through that of boundaries.

So this is something that when you learn to apply in your life, you’ll notice that people just
respond to you differently. There’s an energy that you will contain that has more contagious type, attractive mentality to it, and also, here’s the benefit, you will repel people that you wouldn’t actually resonate with. Like, you want to have boundaries. This is one reason that a lot of empaths, people that can feel other people’s energies, may attract narcissists.

There’s no boundaries there, and narcissists can only get through to people that have a lack of boundaries. So that’s why, in this video, I’mma show you a mantra, a process that you can apply in your life that will make it so that you are no longer a doormat. You no longer feel guilty when setting boundaries, and you literally bring your energy back to where you are attractive from the inside out, because of the energy you are embodying.

Now, first off, for this, this is something that I had to learn the hard way. For a long time, like
imagine this right here, this little chart, this shows an energetic representation of that of energy. Now, you’ll see that the one in the middle, say this is you, this is me, this is like the self. Now what happens is most people will have like a healthy boundary here. This blue is the boundary.

An empath or somebody that can feel other people’s energies, may have trouble setting boundaries because there’s holes in the boundary, where other things can get through. And what happens is when other people get through, the empath literally believes that these other people, say the O stands for other, or the zero stands for other, literally, other is identified as, “This is my responsibility.

This is something I am meant to take care of. Their emotions is my emotions.” And therefore, there’s a big burden and there’s a big lack of setting boundaries, and what happens is, when there is a lack of boundaries, people don’t respect it as much. There’s a lot less respect there. And it’s an interesting concept, but that’s literally what happens, energetically, is people feel that someone else isn’t strong and isn’t solid in their own frame, and therefore, they feel like they can walk on them.

So for me, an example of this, a version of this, was that there used to be, when I was in like a friend group or something like that, there would be no boundary to kind of like what I would and wouldn’t do for someone else.

I would do anything to make my friends happy. I would do anything to make my family happy. I would do anything, and because of that, there’d be this tendency to where I would be with friends that I would do anything for, and many times, it wouldn’t be a reciprocated energy. And that was because I had shown and almost shown my cards that I will do anything for someone.

I’ll drive across town, I’ll do this, I’ll do that. I will cancel my own plans so that I can be at your thing, and there’d be such guilt there that I would feel like obligated to do it, even though maybe it wasn’t authentic. But then, there’s an expectation from friends and family that, “Aaron completely dissolves himself to make everyone else happy.”

So then, when I stop doing that, there’s this big shock. It’s like, “Why is he all of a sudden not doing what he’s always done before?” Have you ever had that happened, or maybe there’s a friend that you would drive two or three hours to go see, and then they get mad that you won’t drive two or three hours to go see them, but at the same time, they would never do that for you.

And then you’re conflicted. You’re like, “Why is this energy active?” you know. I know people where that’s actually happened. And it’s a very interesting dynamic. I’ve had times, I’ve shared this before, where I drove like 10 hours to Colorado for one of my best friends’ birthdays. And I had to cancel a photo shoot, I had to cancel like whole bunch of stuff. It was very inconvenient, but I did it because, it’s like, I’m grateful I did it ’cause I had a good time, but at the same time, I can see that I completely lost my sense of self, and I did something that was moreso, I just felt like I couldn’t say no.

Now, even in, imagine this scenario in dating and relationships. imagine you’re with somebody and they’re able to walk all over you, they treat you like shit, and you let them do that. That communicates to somebody else, “I don’t have a standard and it is okay that
you treat me this way.”


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