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Spiritual people will find it hard to attract love unless they shift the energy that I’m gonna share with you in this video. Now, there are reasons people feel stuck, there are reasons people find that maybe they haven’t found their soul tribe, they haven’t found their soulmates, they feel like they keep attracting old patterns over and over again, and that’s because there’s certain energies in play that keep them in a metaphorical box.

Now, first off for this process, a thing that happens that may not sound so cool to hear
but it’s the fundamental, like, pattern that I see happen in so many people, and this also happened in me, is when I went through my spiritual awakening in 2012, what happened is I felt very alone, I felt like people didn’t get me, people didn’t understand me, I started, like, reading books at first, and then I started doing mantras, and my energy very much changed.

I went from, like, one way of being to, like, a completely new way of being where friends and family were like, what’s going on with Aaron? And then I was so excited about ascension and spirituality and the law of attraction and, like, very common spiritual concepts that people may learn, so then I was sharing it with my friends, with my family, with everyone, thinking they’re just gonna love it, they’re gonna, lives are gonna change so much, and they’re gonna be so accepting and open to it to find out that a lot of them thought it was weird, thought it was, like, something out of a, like they, they thought I was either on drugs or, like, they just didn’t understand it, and that was a big letdown for me because then I felt very alone.

And what would happen then is I went out into the world and I developed this belief, and this belief was that people just don’t get me. This belief was there’s not people out there that are similar to me. And there is this belief out there that I just don’t fit in, I’m like a lone wolf.

And now, one of the first things that will block you from attracting love as a high vibrational person or, and here’s another shadow aspect to this too, I’m gonna share that, that maybe doesn’t sound good to hear, but what ends up happening is there’s a belief there.

Our beliefs create our reality. If we believe we are the lone wolf, then attracting someone into our life would, would go against and negate the lone wolf identity. And remember, we will always do everything we can to remain consistent to the way that we define ourselves.

So if we define ourselves as a lone wolf, how are we gonna attract friends or even love because it’s like, well, I’m a lone wolf, that’s who I am. And the shadow side of this, too, is the thing that happened to me is I felt like people didn’t get me and there was a level of self-judgment and spiritual significance, I call this.

That’s when people don’t get you, in order to, in order to justify it, you say, well, you know, these people, there’s just asleep. They’re just unaware, they’re asleep in the matrix, and when we have that mentality that people just sleep in the matrix and unaware, it’s a judgment.

And that will stop you and block you from attracting people into your life. So one thing that I had to do is I had to let go of the spiritual significance. And maybe even if you click on this video, you’re like, well, yes, I’m a high vibrational person, but that also implies that there’s a lot of low vibrational people around because it’s like we’re a hierarchy raising, like, like seeing ourselves out on this, like, pedestal.

And one thing that I had to do is I had to let go of that spiritual significance. I had to let go of thinking I’m better than anybody or, like, justifying, like, they’re just asleep and I’m awake and they don’t get me. I literally could not attract friends into my life or love into my life until I shifted that.

And I had to start accepting other people and I had to start also accepting myself. So realize if you’re having trouble attracting love, it could be because there’s a belief that people don’t get you, there’s a level of the lone wolf mentality that’s keeping that in place, and when you shift that, that’s one of, a huge thing that will shift your love life.

So the second thing for this, okay, this is one I’m excited to talk about, actually, I haven’t really shared this on my channel before, so one thing that happens when people go through a spiritual awakening a lot of times is something called the anima and the animus.

The anima and the animus is this, animus, is this idea from Carl Jung, Carl Jung in psychology, and basically what it states is that when we go through a spiritual awakening and we evolve to, in spiral dynamics, what is called the green level of consciousnes.


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