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The degree to which you are detached from carrying what other people think of you,
the more people will attach themselves to your energy because it’s magnetic to not need anyone else’s validation, to not need anyone else’s text message back, to not need implies the most amount of value.

So in this video, we’re gonna be talking about detachment. Why it’s so magnetic, how you can tap into the energy of it, and how you can really let go of the things that maybe making your energy field more sporadic.

Maybe you’re feeling more needy, you’re really wanting someone to text you back. You’re checking the internet connection to see if maybe it’s just the internet connection what’s causing you not to get the text message or whatever it is.

And the thing with this process is, it’s understanding the energy that you are putting out into the world. Because think of it like an energy field. Now, your energy field has within it the thoughts, the emotions, and feelings that you’re feeling.

And if you’re feeling like I need something out there to come in here, that’s saying I lack something inside my own energy field. And the lack is then also can only allow in more lack. So you will either attract people that don’t give you that sense of validation or approval or whatever it is, or you’ll find yourself not able to attract love altogether.

So it’s like one of the two because beliefs create our reality. Whatever we believe to be true, that’s the experience we get. And if we have a belief, even that, like, you know for a long time, I had the belief that women in my life tried to control me. So I would only attract women that were either jealous or trying to control me for years, because that was my belief.

There were even times when I could see that I attracted people that weren’t that way, but I literally turned them down, and like, wasn’t interested, because it did not fall within the belief that I had that woman tried to control me. And that stemmed, of course, from childhood, from the whole ex stepmom situation from seven to 15 years old.

So in our energy field, if we feel lacked, we will attract people that reflect that lack back to us, or we would just wanna attract people together with that. Now, an interesting thing I was thinking about the other day is I remember when I first got on YouTube and I started to grow, I got to like maybe 70,000 subs or something like that.

And then what happened is a YouTuber reached out to me or I reached out to like some YouTuber, and I ended up hanging out with this person in LA. We actually, you know, I went to La, and I remember that this person that I was meeting, I had him like on a pedestal.

Like, I was just starting to go full time with YouTube and I was starting to come into my power, and I was around this other YouTuber that had like tripled the amount of subs that I had. And I was like putting him on a pedestal. And I remember meeting him, and I could just tell that I was doing this thing where I was like super excited to be there.

And I was like almost giving away my power and my energy to this person. But then something interesting happened. Hung out with them two or three days, and kind of the blinders started to come off, right?

I started to see like, “Oh, this person’s just like me.” Like, we’re all, I started taking ’em off the pedestal. And the interesting thing is I felt like we didn’t really connect, and he didn’t really even care if I was there. And we made like a video and stuff together. And then what happened is I went back to Vegas, and then I went back to California where he was, and then hung out with him again.

And I was like, I didn’t put anything on a pedestal, I was like, “This is totally cool.” And it was like way more natural. It was way easier to connect. And not only that, but I could tell, because I wasn’t attached to what he thought, his validation, wasn’t attached to like what we post on social media or anything, like, I just didn’t give a shit.

Because I didn’t give a shit, there was like this respect that was there. And we ended up actually doing a talk at like some place in LA. We did like this little talk with like 40, 50 people there.

And it was just like, it was just way smooth. And it was interesting, but it all happened.
And I could tell that the respect was there when I stopped caring what he thought of me
and I stopped being attached to outcome. It was an interesting energy. Even had that with my buddy.

My buddy Owen came over yesterday. He has a company and I was watching his videos for years. And it’s like, it was, I met him, and by then, I’d already kinda like taken people off a pedestal and stuff like that, and learned this energy dynamic of being detached.


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