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Doing or focusing on too many things is blocking you from actually attracting what you want. And in this video, I’m gonna show you how to get out of this cycle, this trap that is keeping you where you are, and how to finally make progress, create momentum, and move in the direction you want. Welcome back to other video. My name is Aaron. I help people expand their consciousness. Now, the first thing we must realize about this process of manifestation is that manifesting or creating your dream life, it does take focus.

It takes focus on an outcome, however, the thing that I’ve noticed is that when I personally get focused on too many things, I try doing it all, then what happens is the resistance is created, because you can’t create momentum in any one direction.

So when I, back in 2017, went full-time on YouTube, one of the things I did is I realized this, and I’m even going back to my roots now with this, but in 2017, in February, I started making daily videos on YouTube. All I would think about is making videos. All I would do is come up with new titles, come up with new thumbnails, and I would eat, breathe, sleep, YouTube.

That’s all I focused on. And then eventually, I learned about something called having an email list and internet marketing, and I started focusing on these different things, but I noticed that pretty quickly when my attention started to get diluted, things were harder for it to grow, because there was less energy going into that vision.

So if you’re feeling right now, like you’re doing too much, you’re visualizing too much, focusing on too much. And you’re feeling kind of like you don’t know which step to take in what direction, what I would recommend you do is you cut out or you let go of the things that is not conducive to the one vision that you might have.

And there’s a book called the upper, or what’s it called? It’s called “The Big Leap”. It talks about something called the upper limit problem. And the upper limit problem talks about how we all have a ceiling for something we can create, but how we have these different forms of self-sabotage that come in. But one of the things it talks about is that there’s something called the zone of incompetence, the zone of competence, the zone of excellence, and the zone of genius. And the thing that I encourage you to look at, and the thing that I’m looking at is, what is my zone of genius and my zone of excellence?

And how can I not do or not really focus as much on the zone of incompetence, or the zone of competence even? And the goal is to be doing more and more of what you love, and more of more of what you’re passionate about, because that’s the energy that’s connected to your heart.

I’ve noticed that now that I’m back It was like, three things, but because they were only focused on three things,not only did he become the CEO, but he also made incredible growth, because it simplified and everybody understood their purpose within those three things.

So even within my business, I know that when I’m making videos, I’m getting things out
there into the world. to making almost daily videos, which was my roots back in 2017, it’s like, I can feel more momentum there. I feel more passionate. And focusing, though, on too many things, every time I realize I’m doing it, it’s the key is actually letting go of doing and focusing on too many things.

So one thing that I highly recommend you do is you look at what in your life you can let go of and stop doing that’s maybe no longer serving you, or isn’t bringing you towards your goal, or your intention, or whatever it is, and start to simplify it. I’ve noticed even, this is like a macro thing within my own business, but I have people that I have that work for me, and we’re all a team.

And what I’ve noticed that some were doing is we’re looking at each of our individual strengths, like our superpowers, and only doing that one or two things.

There’s only one or two focuses per person. And I actually found out about this because originally, I was listening to this story, a talk about the guy that’s the new CEO for Disney. And one thing that he did is he said, okay, what we’re doing at Disney…


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