Isn’t Ukraine too much hurt because of its desire for freedom? We will be able to discuss this live with a lecturer who is in the TOP-25 of the world’s best intellectuals according to Prospect Magazine (UK) and Foreign Policy (USA). He was nicknamed “Elvis of Theory of Culture” and “the most dangerous philosopher in the world.”

Slavoj has two degrees of Doctor of Philosophy – in psychoanalysis and humanities, is a co-founder of the Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis, author of more than 60 books translated into various languages. He is a person who has combined research interests in such topics as classical German philosophy, pop culture, neo-imperialism, fundamentalism, capitalism, tolerance, political correctness, globalization, subjectivity, human rights, Lenin, myth, cyberspace, postmodernism, postmodernism and even David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.

Moderator: Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili, Founding Director, Center for Governance and Markets, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

KSE Public lectures with top world intellectuals serve to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine and enhance Ukrainian intellectual sovereignty. More information about project:

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