Image: USDA and General Mills flee “GenderCool” associations as public learns about the horrors of corporation-backed GROOMING and genital mutilation of children

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In an attempt to appear “inclusive” of the LGBTQ+ cult, American corporations are partnering with organizations that promote transgender ideology to children. One of these transgender-pushing organizations is called “GenderCool.” This group aims to “increase representation” of LGBTQ+ books in schools to “encourage 5-year-old children to question their own gender identity and to reconsider their pronouns.”

The USDA, General Mills and State Farm were just a few of the American corporations and federal agencies that supported GenderCool. Now these corporations are rescinding their support for GenderCool as the public learns about the horrors of corporations backing the grooming and genital mutilation of children.

State Farm rescinds their support for GenderCool but is all for children questioning their gender

On May 24, State Farm announced they have withdrawn support for GenderCool, but the company’s official press release called the organization a “philanthropic” program. State Farm’s official press release stated their “support” for “organizations that provide resources for parents to have conversations about gender and identity with their children at home.” State Farm distanced themselves from GenderCool because they “do not support required curriculum in schools on this topic.” State Farm might NOT have acted had employees and customers not spoken up in official inquiries and responded to the news provided by Consumer’s Research. A nonprofit organization called Consumer’s Research uncovered State Farm’s partnership with GenderCool and exposed the corporate funds behind the insane, gender-bending indoctrination of children.


After State Farm rescinded their support, GenderCool quickly erased nine of the remaining twenty-two entities that were listed as “partners and supporters” on their website. These former GenderCool partners and supporters include Adobe Inc., Bank of America Corp., Capital One Financial Corp., General Mills Inc., Indeed, NBCUniversal, Oracle Corp., Sprout Social Inc., and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The founder and chairman of GenderCool, John Grosshandler, said the website was updated on May 25th with the most current supporters and partners, but there was no confirmation that the drop-off in financial support had anything to do with the reasons why State Farm rescinded their official partnership.

The following list of US corporations continue to support the psychological takedown and and physiological mutilation of children by supporting GenderCool’s perverted grooming program: HP, AllState, Bayer, Intel, Dell, Nike, Intuit, Out & Equal, Prudential, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, VMWare, CBRE Group Commercial Real Estate Services, and JLL Real Estate Industry Services.

Corporate funding of transgender indoctrination revealed

The corporate funding of transgender indoctrination in US schools was brought to light by State Farm employees in a January 18th letter. Many employees were “concerned” about the State Farm-GenderCool partnership, which funds and promotes transgender ideology to children. Wil Hild, Executive Director at Consumer’s Research posted this leaked letter to Twitter on May 23rd. The letter explicitly states that GenderCool wants to “increase representation” of LGBTQ+ books and support “challenging, important and empowering” conversations with kids aged five and above. Part of this child-predator agenda is to make kids “question their own gender identity and to reconsider their pronouns.”

State Farm compelled 550 of their agents and/or employees to donate books selected by the GenderCool project. These books encourage kids to lookup the sick and perverted lifestyles of transgender people to question their own identity and sexual nature. The books teach kids step-by-step how to lookup transgenderism online and how to “come out” as a transgender to their parents and community. The State Farm employees were instructed to donate these books to a local teacher, a community center or library, so the LGBT mafia can continue to turns schools into cult indoctrination centers and allow LGBTQ predators to prey on children and groom them for sexual perversion.

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