A convicted killer and transgender woman has been given a dummy by prison guards after claiming she now identifies as a baby.

Sophie Eastwood, 36, who received a life sentence for strangling her cellmate with shoelaces, has also asked for nappies and baby food.

She is locked up at Polmont prison, Falkirk after killing 22-year-old Paul Algie in 2004.

A young offender known as Daniel at the time, Eastwood was jailed in a young offenders’ institute at 18 for dangerous driving.

She was a month away from the end of her sentence when she strangled Mr Algie.

Guards then dubbed her ‘Hannibal Lecter Jr’ for her wicked mind games.

After realising she wasn’t a gay man in 2016, Eastwood transitioned four years ago.

She finished her 15-year minimum jail term in 2019 but has not been considered for release.

Essex-born Eastwood claims this is because she is trans, the Daily Record reported.

She has also demanded guards hold her hand when she leaves her cell.

And prison wardens are taking her demands seriously.

A source from the Scottish Prison Service told the paper: ‘This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why she is still behind bars after 17 years.

‘She decided that she would “trans” from a man to woman, which is becoming more common in jails these days.

‘But this is obviously something else entirely.

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