Corsair is here welcome to my new video . There was a primitive ocean on Mars that held more water than our Artic Sea and alien hunters believe to have spotted signs that life once inhabited the ancient sea.
Nestled in the dust of the Gusev crater, appears to be a round broken sea shell that could be ‘evidence of Mars having an ocean with living creatures’.
This is the second sighting of a sea shell and, combined with the fossilized fish seen in the dust, conspiracy theorists believe this is proof life did in face exist on the red planet.The sea shell is still there and had not been edited out.

Nasa’s Curiosity has been exploring the red planet since landing on the surface on August 6, 2012.Since then, car-sized robotic rover has reported minor traces of water still running on the surface, which confirmed there was liquid water running along the surface some 4.5 billions of years ago. Even This evidence can alone prove that mars had life . Thank you for watching corsair out.


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