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They may not come back if the energy remains the same. However, if the energy changes, if the energy comes back to self, you’ll notice that the energy becomes much more magnetic and literally people respond differently.

So in this video, I’m gonna show you that if someone left you, or if you’re feeling abandoned, if you’re feeling like there’s something missing, or you want someone to be behaving differently, I’m gonna show you how to get back to your core, how to stop focusing on them, and how this will completely transform your energy from the inside out, so that if it’s meant to be, they can actually come back.

So first off with this, if someone left, the important thing to realize with this is that it’s not your fault. Now, maybe you look at that and you hear that, and it’s like, “Well, Aaron, you don’t know my situation. I did this. This is something that I brought on myself.”

Or it’s something that maybe is on the other side of the spectrum, where it’s like, “Why does this always happen to me? Why do people show up for a period of time and then leave?” And the thing to realize about the energy dynamic where someone may leave and about this in general, is this really gets down to the core identity.

This cuts down to the core of how we view ourselves, because many of us may feel like it is familiar or comfortable for people to show up in our lives and then leave. And normally this stems from childhood energy as well, where in childhood, we had someone that was emotionally available or was there, and then left, physically, maybe the parents divorced, maybe they emotionally left.

And when that happened, we started to internalize a sense of reality that says, this is the way reality works. People come into my life and they leave. And sometimes they don’t even give a reason, which could for sure happen with parents too. Somebody comes in or a parent leaves, and it’s like, why?

Why did a parent physically leave or emotionally check out? Is it because I’m not good enough? Is it because I did something wrong? Is it because of something with myself? And that’s because we internalize everything as we’re growing up. So if there’s one thing that will change your life more than anything else with this video, it’s understanding to pull your energy back. Because what happens when someone leaves,

is a lot of times out of a control mentality, what we do is we start projecting energy at them.
We start thinking about them. And energetically, they feel this. And for some reason, when
we are projecting energy at someone and we are feeling in a non-coherent state and we’re feeling kind of needy or we want someone to react differently, whatever we’re feeling when
we’re thinking of that person is being projected at that person, they are feeling it,
and it is causing them to back up or to be repelled.

Remember, people feel what you feel. And if you’re feeling that about them, projecting that energy at them, because you’re thinking of them, they are feeling it and it is pushing them away even more. So to really mitigate this energy, the key is pulling the energy back, pulling the energy back.

So many times I’ve noticed even in my own life that when I’m trying to fix someone else, which implies they’re broken by the way, when I’m wanting someone to respond to me, when I’m wanting someone else’s validation, I’m putting out this needy energy, and it is not reflected back in a good way.

They say that the more you try, this is an Allen Watts quote from something called the backwards law, the more you try to get other people to like you, the less they will like you. The more that you disrupt your energy field and the more you come off weird and needy and the more they feel that, and the less they like you.

But the less you are attached to whether they like you, the more they will like you. It’s this weird thing. The more you try to control your life, the more out of control you will feel. The more you trust and the more you allow things to happen, the more that then you will feel in control of your life.

This is interesting, but both of these apply to someone leaving, feeling abandoned, feeling this energy because the thing is, is what there is an attachment to is there is an attachment to outcome.

There’s an attachment to how things happen. And that attachment to the outcome, creates the resistance. But letting go of what happens with the outcome, creates a sense of freedom, a sense of allowing, a sense of letting in.

So when we talk about this dynamic as well, it’s important not to think of it only in the form of manipulation. Because a lot of times when people would click on a video that says what this video says, they would say, “Okay, Aaron, what is the one thing I do to
get this person’s reaction? To make them fight for me?”


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