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If narcissists are something
that you find yourself
attracting into your life,
then it’s very important
to understand the reason
because until you understand the reason
you are attracting narcissists,
what ends up happening is
you keep attracting them
into your life.
You keep them in that energy dynamic,
you find your self changing the faces
but the energy remains the same.
And in this video,
I’m gonna show you how to
finally break the cycle,
show you why that actually is happening,
and how this will absolutely
transform your life.
If there’s one simple
statement I could say
that explains this dynamic,
it is that of obviously the
empath being attracted to,
or attracting into their
life, the narcissist.
Now an empath is somebody
that is very sensitive
to other people’s emotions,
is someone that can feel what other people
are thinking and feeling,
and its somebody that in general,
is considered a a highly
sensitive person, normally.
Then on the other side of
that, we have a narcissist.
The narcissist is somebody
that lacks empathy,
somebody that is normally
using and manipulating
other people to get their needs met.
And what ends up happening,
is we have two sides of this coin.
Now I’m somebody that’s had
personal experience with this,
because I’ve always felt
like an empath growing up.
My ex-stepmom growing up was a,
and is still to this day,
a hardcore narcissist.
Growing up, it was something
where my brother and I
had no freedom, we had to sneak
the other side of the house
just to get enough food to eat,
we had to earn going to school activities.
And we grew up not
allowed to have friends,
not allowed to watch TV.
We had a very interesting childhood,
kind of like having an
army sergeant as a parent,
that was my ex-stepmom.
And my dad was with her
until I was 15 years old.
Then what happened is,
my dad broke up with her,
we had all this freedom all of a sudden.
And in a weird way, it felt kind of scary
to have all that freedom.
Now after 15, I did end up
eventually getting a job
at Nordstrom in women’s shoes.
And it was like every single,
even though my ex-stepmom
left my life, the narcissist,
to be in their own frame.
Empaths can learn how to
be grounded and centered
and leading in their life,
able to set boundaries.
What do narcissist need to learn?
Narcissists need to learn that of empathy.
Need to learn how to be more considerate
to other people’s thoughts,
needs, and feelings.
So, what you could see here is that
narcissists and empaths attract each other
because they actually
have something to learn
from each other.
It is like peanut butter and jelly way,
don’t taste as good, but
you know, the idea is,
that this dynamic attracts each other
because there’s something to learn
from the expression of each energy.
And what the narcissist represses
is empathy and compassion,
and thought, thinking about others.
And what the empath represses
is that of being in
their own frame, leading,
being assertive.
So, this was a game changer for me
because I made the
transition and the shift
into being the empath,
into being more balanced.
Now, both of these by the way,
are kind of the imbalanced
ways of going about it,
there’s a happy medium in
the middle, that is healthy.
Narcissists are the extreme
of the manipulation,
and this side of the coin,
and then empaths are the other side,
is sometimes where a
lot of empaths feel like
they lose their sense of self.
It’s hard to set boundaries,
they feel guilty,
and it’s almost like your
emotions are my emotions.
So if I disappoint you,
I’m disappointing myself,
because you are me.
There’s an identification.
And by the way my shadow
work coach explains it too,
this’ll also maybe transform the whole way
of looking at this dynamic.


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