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The energy of control creates resistance, and many people that have controlling tendencies end up not only resisting them actually manifesting what they want but also they end up repelling either love, they repel abundance, they repel new opportunities because control is creating a dynamic of resistance.

In this video, I’m gonna show you the root cause of the control and offer in a perspective on healing it so that you can finally start trusting the flow of your life, trusting the universe, doing less, getting more from simply being in the right energy and in the right vibration.
What if we found out that there is actually a root cause of control, there’s a reason we may be controlling?

We may be controlling in love. We may be wanting someone to text us back, things to happen a certain way. We might be at the same time wanting and obsessing about a job that we want, trying to control our friends and how they’re showing up for us, our family.
Now here’s the thing with control, too.

The more rules we have for how people need to be and how things need to happen in our life, the more resistance there is. Now imagine we’re more general. It’s like, you know, what
would it be to have a good day? It’s like, “Oh, you know, I wake up, I feel gratitude, and I just am doing X, Y, Z.” It’s like real simple, right?

But imagine, it’s like, “For me to have a good day, I have to have my son or daughter do this, I have to have my mom text me this, I have to have this happen in this sequence, and people need to show up for me like this, and there’s all these rules,” it’s gonna be way less likely that you have a good day.

Now the thing with vibration and energy is how we feel translates into what we experience. So the more rules we have to what makes a good day or the more rules we have for the way reality should work under the power and the energy of control, the more resistance there is versus having a more general sense of being able to go with the flow.

Because when we let go of control, we’re able to relax. And when we relax, things happen in reality in a much easier way. So first off, just realize that control is a matter of letting go of the desire for that power. Control is like an ego desire. Now let me first off say as well, this is a pattern that I am working at shedding and I definitely have in my own life.

There’s aspects of my business. My business for me has been always like, my business in a way was my saving grace out of getting out of the nine-to-five job that I worked selling women’s shoes. I started making daily videos. I started having this work hard and kind of like focused mentality.

And I had to do everything. I did my own thumbnail. I did my own editing. I did my own everything. And then eventually, I kept growing. And I’m like, “Man, I’m doing so much.” And it was so hard for me to let go of control because I had this belief that nobody could do it as good as me.

But guess what? That belief was there to keep the energy from childhood alive inside of me. And that’s what we’re talking about in this video when it comes to the root cause of control. Now here’s my theory on control. Here’s what I’ve noticed in almost everyone I’ve talked to about control.

And all my friends, we tend to attract each other. Like attracts like, so I got a lot of friends that also have these little control things. Control is related to the energy of trust. It’s the other side of the coin. Now most likely what happened, and you let me know, you comment below or like this video and let me know, when you were in childhood, did you have some way that one of your family members or friends broke trust with you?

Maybe it was a parent that was emotionally unavailable, a parent that walked out on you. Maybe you were physically or emotionally abused or sexually abused. Many times the reason people have a control dynamic is because there was trust that was broken at a younger age, and then there was a decision that was made.

There was a meaning that was made. ‘Cause remember, everything in our life has no built-in meaning other than the meaning we give it. But when we’re kids, we make a meaning, and we say, “This means that I can’t trust, therefore I must draw the energy and do it.” So trust has been broken.

So instead of trusting other people, instead of trusting the universe, it says, “I only trust myself because I had to get myself out of shit experiences growing up.” Now in a weird twisted way as well, I look back to my childhood, and there was a familiar energy in childhood of control because many of you know, if you’ve watched my videos or know, you know, heard my story before of my ex-stepmom, my ex-stepmom from 7 to 15 years old was in my life.


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