It was 18:08. An unusual object in the Polish sky
On Thursday, January 13, the Polish sky was lit up by a car, a very bright meteor. Monitoring cameras captured this extraordinary moment, among others in Jelenia G贸ra and in Andrych贸w in Ma艂opolska.
On Thursday, January 13, the Polish sky was lit up by a car, a very bright meteor. (Facebook, Tomasz Or艂owski)
A bright meteor was observed flying past in Silesia, Lesser Poland, and Lower Silesia on Thursday evening. On the Facebook profile of “Lubuscy 艁owcy Burz”, a black and white recording from Andrych贸w in the province was published. Lesser Poland.
“Amazing car captured today on the camera in Andrych贸w, Ma艂opolska! Have any of you also seen it? The car was visible high above the southern horizon around 18:08 over Poland – it was written under the recording.
“My husband saw. He came home delighted”, “I saw a very bright and blinding flash in Starachowice against dense cloudiness. For a second like during the day” – Internet users wrote under the recording.
In the comments, several internet users posted recordings from other parts of Poland, where the meteor was also visible. Mr. Tomasz shared a color recording recorded in Jelenia G贸ra. There the car lit up the sky at 18:08.
The passing bright object was also noticed by the inhabitants of Silesia. “I saw a car falling. It’s indescribable. I thought it was a firecracker, but no sound. It was clearly visible, but it flew horizontally, so it’s not a firecracker. It had a quite long golden tail. In front it was a bright silver bullet” – relates Piotr from the Kopernik estate in Gliwice in an interview with the portal.
What is a car?
The car is a very bright meteor, brighter than Venus. These phenomena are very rare because cars are created when an object passes through the atmosphere not as small as in the case of an ordinary meteor (i.e. usually the size of a grain of sand), but larger, often several or several centimeters in size.
When such a large object falls into the Earth’s atmosphere (which usually happens at a speed of several to several dozen kilometers per second), its surface heats up to a temperature of several thousand degrees. Contrary to popular belief, the reason for the increase in temperature is not the friction, but the high air compression just in front of the car’s head. The car starts to glow brightly, and its flight is often accompanied by sound games.
Each car phenomenon is unique and can provide very important data for professional astronomers

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