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This mantra is going to change your life in so many different ways. You’re gonna look back in like six months from now, and see that as you started reciting this mantra in your head, your energy became more magnetic, and people started to respect your boundaries more.

People started and stopped projecting things onto you, and you stopped feeling guilty about even setting boundaries to begin with. Now, for the longest time, one of the things that I found myself in the pattern of was over explaining myself to people, and having a very hard time saying no.

People would be like, “Come do this,” and I would like, it was not even an option to say no. It’s like, well, okay, so I’m gonna have to do this, and I would find ways of literally expending myself just so that I could make that work, because I didn’t want to disapprove, and get people’s disapproval.

So, it’s hard, so hard for me to say no to people. And if I did say no, I’d have to over-explain myself out of it. Like, I’d feel guilty, like I’m doing something wrong. I can’t say no to going
into someone’s party, or going out to stuff, and you might be like, “Well, Aaron why don’t you just go to the parties? Sounds like fun.”

But there’s times it’s like, I realized I was maybe putting my own dreams on the back burner. I was putting my own sense of self care on the back burner, because I would feel guilty, like I had to do things that I didn’t necessarily want to do.

Now, realize this, one of the most magnetic things you can do, the thing that will change your energy more than anything else is learning that when you are in your own frame and when you are least attached to outcome, you are the most attractive.

And here’s the thing, the more success you create on the inside out, the more you start to feel confident, the easier it’s gonna be for you to set boundaries, because you will naturally
need the boundaries to get to different levels of success, and even different levels of being in your own frame.

Now, the thing is, is many of us, what the issue of boundaries is, so this video I think is
gonna change your life when it comes to understanding this concept. So, I have a shadow work integration coach that I’ve been working with for years, about two or three years now,
and it has completely transformed my own energy.

I used to go out, I’d be on a hike. I’d be at fricking like, just out in public, and I would feel like inclined that I had to say hi to people that I walked by. Now, it’s not a bad thing to say hi to someone, but when you’re saying hi to someone to get their validation, that’s needy energy.

When you’re going out, and you’re seeking validation or approval, that is needy energy that
literally repels people. It’s the most like unattractive thing, kind of energy we could have. So one of the things that I became aware of with my shadow work coach was that this whole idea of understanding self and other, self and other.

Now self is when you’re in your own frame, when you’re in your own body, when you are asking yourself the question, what do I want? Who am I? What am I focused on doing? You’re in your own frame. When we are focused on other, we’re focused on what someone
else thinks and feels, doing what someone else wants us to do, whether it’s our parents,
or our friends, or family, or whatever, we’re tuning to the environment, and we’re abandoning ourself.

We’re abandoning ourself to make other happy. And the thing that then happens is our energy goes from being at our core and powerful and magnetic to dispersed, because it’s going and it’s trying to manipulate the outside environment and energy that is manipulative, energy that’s trying to get something to make itself feel good, that’s manipulation, that’s neediness, that’s unattractive.

That’s not understanding that that is their shit, not yours. That is their stuff, not yours. This mantra that’s gonna change your life, because what has happened if you’re a people pleaser,
or an empath, or somebody that feels other people, or has trouble setting your own frame, or even trouble setting boundaries is back in childhood, something very interesting happened.

You didn’t feel safe. You didn’t feel safe at a certain point in your childhood where maybe your mom or your dad became emotionally unavailable or physically abandoning, and we make a choice.

We make a decision that says there’s something wrong with me. And not only is there
something wrong with me, but I don’t feel safe. And sometimes we don’t feel safe, because maybe our parents felt like they had a lot of stuff going on, and we then tuned to them, and we were trying to fix them to then feel… so that we could feel safe.


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