Cats are evolving! 🐱
Warning: This song may cause sadness.

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I was Mozart in another life
now I’m a cat, no one knows my plight
I used to have hands, now only paws
No opposable thumbs, to play these chords

No one listens, no one sees
How I struggle to play these piano keys
I should be writing a symphony
But I’m a TikTok cat & you’re laughing at me

I am Mozart, stuck in a cat
I am Mozart, stuck in a cat

Take me back to 1761
When I was 5 years old & my career just begun
7 years as a cat & all I can manage
is one key at a time even that is a challenge

The music is trapped inside my brain
No way to express myself I’m going insane
what did I do to deserve this fate
can anybody help me escape this feline state

I am Mozart, stuck in a cat
I am Mozart, stuck in a cat

#TheKiffness #MozartCat #cat

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