A woman who became critically ill with Covid-19 said not getting the vaccine after listening to anti-vaxxers is her “biggest regret”.

Emily Burrows, 47, was admitted to hospital with dangerously low oxygen levels and tested positive on 23 July.

She pleaded with staff to give her the jab but was it was too late and instead she was put on a ventilator.

The mum-of-six, from the Forest of Dean, spent two weeks in an induced coma. She is still in hospital.

Initially, Ms Burrows, who has multiple sclerosis, had not objected to getting vaccinated.

Her husband and eldest son had both received their jabs. It was anti-vaccine messages on social media that persuaded her not to.

“They just go to your head and they play games with you,” she said.

“You don’t know who these people are but because it’s so widespread on there, you end up listening to them.”

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