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If you were to do exactly what I share with you in this video, it will completely reverse the energy dynamic where instead of repelling them, instead of them running away as a natural byproduct of chasing them, the energy will be magnetic to where then the energy comes towards you.

And in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly what to do. Now, the first thing to realize is that if he is running, then that means someone is chasing. That’s the energy dynamic to first off become aware of because people respond to us based on the energy we are putting out.

So the energy of somebody running away is because someone is chasing, someone chasing is having the energy that is very repelling. It’s almost like people are playing according, not necessarily to the games we play but, I used this analogy before, but if you imagine a dog and you start chasing a dog, the dog is gonna start running from you.

It’s gonna start playing with you, normally, and what happens is that becomes like a game in a way and that is the energy dynamic that’s at play. Now, realize that really attracting love and having magnetic energy, it’s about feeling the energy inside of yourself, of feeling whole, feeling complete, feeling magnetic and really activating your heart center.

And when you activate your own heart center your energy field literally goes out even further than it would if you were just remaining in your head. And that’s why there’s different elements of your own energy that if you begin to harness will completely transform the way you show up in the world and how magnetic your energy is.

Now, one of the things that happens though is when we are projecting energy out at somebody else, they feel that because we’re thinking about them. Think about that, when
we talk about chasing and if he’s running, the energy you feel when you think about him is energy that is going towards him.

So if the energy is, I wish he would do this, I wish he would come to me, I feel that lack inside my body, because there’s an intention to control the dynamic and you’re thinking of him, it’s almost like thinking of him is the location the energy is going wherever he is in the world.

So you’re feeling, I lack, I lack, I lack, I lack, you’re sending him that lack energy and he’s feeling that repelled energy. And the thing is is it’s not necessarily, I mean, from one perspective you could look at that and be like, okay, well instead I’m gonna like soothe the way I think about him.

And I’m only gonna think positive thoughts about him but if there’s an attachment to the control of how this person is reacting, they’re gonna feel that resistance because people don’t like that energy.

So what I recommend doing instead is instead of sending the location of them and sending them energy, pull your energy back, pull your energy back.

That’s one of the most powerful ways to retain your own magnetic energy. And this is something that energetically, ’cause we have in a way, we do, we have free will in this reality and if we’re projecting our energy at somebody else, it’s like our energy’s leaving us and we’re feeling less potency.

But if we pull our energy back, then what happens is we end up bringing it back to us to where then we can harness that energy ourselves. So one of the other dynamics of this though that I recommend that gets a little bit deeper on this is realizing that maybe we
have a pattern from childhood of projecting our energy at somebody else and trying to create safety through sending energy, through controlling our environment.

And when we pull our energy back, we’re also in a way stopping a cycle because the cycle might be that I’m going to abandon myself to make others happy. I’m gonna abandon myself to make someone else happy and hopefully get their validation and approval so that I can feel safe.

And what that really is is it’s like an abandonment issue. It’s feeling like the fear of being rejected. Sometimes, a lot of times this kind of personality as well like the people pleasing personality, it has trouble being the most authentic self, even a polarizing self because it wants to make everyone else happy.

So one of the things to do is to bring the energy back to stop abandoning the self and to start being the most authentic version of you because that is the most magnetic. Now, when we talk about the most magnetic version of you too, it’s important to understand that the energy you’re embodying is being emanated out.

And if you wanna find a one-on-one reflection of somebody that would resonate with you at a deep level, it’s important to understand, how are you showing up in the world? And by that, I mean, are you doing what you love? Are you passionate about your life?


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