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Stop ‘Bullying Businesses to Comply’ – David Icke

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The Job Creators Network (JCN), a business advocacy group, has filed a notice with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals—which is hearing all legal challenges to President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement—and sent a letter to the president saying the group expects the White House to comply with a court decision to freeze the mandate.

“We expect the White House to respect and listen to the judiciary rather than barnstorming ahead and bullying businesses to comply with this rule whose legal fate is in serious jeopardy,” JCN wrote in the Nov. 19 letter to Biden (pdf). “We expect the White House to respect the rule of law and observe the court’s temporary stay.”

It comes days after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it would suspend enforcement of the mandate after an appeals court reaffirmed its decision to temporarily block the rule, which was published earlier this month. Affecting tens of millions of private-sector employees, the mandate triggered a barrage of lawsuits from Republican states, businesses, individuals, and other groups.

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