02/18/2022 SpaceX Starbase Daily video report:

• 06:30 CST Tank farm and B4 venting
• 07:12 CST OTF testing continues OLM continues to vent
• 08:12 CST Prop load begins and frost appears on B4
• 09:32 CST Booster 8 aft section lifted in high bay
• 09:37 CST LNG absorption colum(methane scrubber) leaves Starbase
• 10:20 CST B4 methane tank reaches maximum frost
• 12:10 CST Testing concludes and roads re-open
• 14:57 CST Catching arms elevate
• 16:34 CST Catching arms rotate multiple times

Special thanks to @CSI_Starbase and @DeffGeff for video archival, editing and technical documentation.

All images are explicitly owned by LabPadre Media and may not be used without written consent.


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