“This is […] the terribly wrong thesis of Bernard-Henri Lévy in his new book ‘Left in Dark Times’, is that the 21st century Antisemitism will be progressive or none. Because, again, the underlying thesis is that every anti capitalism is incipiently anti-Semitic. This is, ideologically, a wonderful invention. You take the most horrible crime of the 20th century, holocaust, and then you use it to disqualify in advance any questioning of the system. […] the difference between liberalism and the radical left is that, although they refer to the same three elements, liberal center, populist right, radical left, they locate them within a different topology. For the liberal center the radical left and radical right are two forms of the appearance of the same totalitarian excess … while for the left, the only true alternative is the one between itself and the liberal mainstream. With the populist radical right there is nothing but the symptom of liberalism’s inability to deal with the leftist threat … So I think we should more than ever insist on what Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt school said 70 years ago: ‘Those who do not want to talk about capitalism, critically, should keep quiet about fascism.’ ”

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