On Saturday evening, March 27 at 8:50 p.m., a man in Fairfield, Ohio (Butler County) spotted an unidentified flying object while sitting outdoors in his backyard. From his vantage point near Mack Road and Crestview in Fairfield, and looking west to southwest toward Colerain, Mr. Chris Medecke (name used with permission) observed an unusual object the size of a dime at arms length. The strange object, looking like one solid round pulsating and flashing light, was first noticed low, as if in a treeline which the witness first said looked like it was ‘coming at him’ for a duration and then it moved off traveling north, but again changed direction and then started moving straight up and then straight down. Sometimes jerky and abrupt, these ‘up and down’ maneuvers continued for about 15 to 20 minutes. Medecke said that the light on the object was white with a tint of red, giving it an almost orange look. He stressed that only one light could be seen, no additional flashing or warning lights were apparent.

The witness, whose vantage point is more or less on a hill, observed the situation for over 15 minutes and said repeatedly that he could not identify the object. He called for his wife (36-years old and two sons (13 and 12-years old) to witness the situation as well. The object remained low and crested the treeline, but not obscured by trees the entire duration of the sighting. Medecke estimated the object was within one mile of his vantage point and stressed that he heard no airplane sound. The object moved slow and stayed low. He said the motion of the object was like nothing he had ever seen before. It would shift upward drastically and then jolt back down. He characterized this motion as that of a ‘fishing bobber’ on the water. Menecke said the the sighting could have happened in the vicinity of Route 4 through Fairfield, a well traveled and populated quarter. He said the object then departed to the north and was gradually out of sight. At that point, Medecke picked up his telephone and called directory assistance (411) asking to be put in touch with Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

The call was connected and he spoke with the base operator, a female receptionist, who advised him that there was nobody present at the airbase to take his call about a UFO sighting. She then referred him to the Cincinnati UFO Hotline (513-588-4548). Medecke called the hotline and left a message, and around 9:50 p.m. Medecke says that a second UFO was sighted. This object, according to Medecke, also was first seen to originate from the same general direction (over Colerain). This object, he said, was identical in appearance and conduct. “This second UFO – or whatever it was – had the same type of performance and maneuvers, moving at slow speed,” he said. Mr. Chris Medecke said the second object was visible for about 10 minutes and departed with some noticeable elevation or climb toward the south. I talked to Mr. Medecke after getting his recorded sighting report from the hotline after 10:00 p.m. Medecke, 36-years old, is currently employed as a truck driver and has 12-years experience as an aerospace machinist. He says he is familiar with jet fighters and easily recognizes jets on approach patterns to the Greater Cincinnati Airport.

Further, he is aware of the Hamilton County Police Helicopter facility on Hamilton Avenue (off of I-275 past the Forest Fair Mall exit) and he said this was not the police chopper. “Unmistakable, it was not the police chopper,” he said. “I would have heard it. I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Mr. Medecke said that he also lives close to Mercy South Hospital and is familiar with the Air Care Chopper that frequently lands there. “The way this thing was going up and down, no way it could have been anything we’re familiar with,” he said. Weather conditions at the time are crystal clear skies with half-moon, temperatures in the upper 50s. Special note: This is not the first case in which a witness has used the term ‘fishing bobber’ to describe the ballistic conduct of a UFO. In the spring of 2001, a Springboro, Ohio witness used that exact term to describe an flaming object seen in the vicinity of Interstate 75. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.










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