RARE 1991 Mega Lecture, Courtesy of UFO Mega Con https://bit.ly/UFO_MEGA_CON_USA – During the mid 1990’s two travelers meet on top of a bus headed for Machu Picchu. One, an explorer and tour guid from the US. The other, a tall thin man named “Rich” who told me he was an Anthropologist / Socialist from Alcyone. This is an in-depth account of numerous contacts, incredible life experiences, and an unusual friendship with “Rich and a group of scientists claiming to be from the Pleiades that lasted five years.

About Jerry Wills:
Jerry Wills is well known worldwide as a preeminent healer and explorer. Jerry, with his wife Kathy have spent the last 21 years traveling around the world investigating strange locations, ancient places, and searching for lost cities. As executive producers of Xpeditions TV and now Fantastic Journeys: The Jerry Wills Show, they continue to bring the world to places few have traveled. It is during these outings they encounter paranormal events, UFO sightings, and locations hidden away and forgotten to time.

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