Some years ago whilst still living at the family home I was asleep alone in my bedroom and as always, I slept in a T shirt and under pants. I was asleep laying on my right side when i was suddenly awoken by a sharp pain in my rear passage. Still half asleep I automatically grabbed the area with my left hand after a short while I realised that my hand was on bare flesh rather than my underpants, I assumed that they must have slid down my legs as the sometimes did. Still not fully awake I slid my hand down the outside of my left leg to search for my pants and pull them back up, .my hand went all the way to my ankle without locating my pants, so I repeated the action down the inside of my right leg but again with no luck. It seemed very strange as I had never had my pants slip any further than partially down one side to my upper thigh.

Still not fully awake and my back passage still aching I attempted to locate my pants with my feet around the bottom of my bed and the more I did this the more awake I became and at some point, during my search for my missing pants I realized that I could feel my bed sheets against my naked upper body and realized that my T, shirt was also missing. This was now no longer strange but weird, I could understand how my pants which were still missing may have slid down my legs but how on earth did my shirt slide over my head and down each arm and where was it and my pants? Now almost fully awake but confused as to the missing underwear I got up with my back passage still sore to start a proper search, I got out of bed and put on the light and as I turned back towards the bed, I saw my underwear and things suddenly got stranger. I had a chair where I would throw any clothes on that I was not wearing, something I always did and and still do so, so imagine my surprise when I saw my missing underwear neatly folded on the floor one on top of the other next to my bed.

I was completely bewildered and confused and attempted to recall what I had done the night before. I had been to the local pub but due to me driving I had stuck to my two very slow pints of cider which would take a minimum of one and a half hours for me to drink before returning home to a coffee and a cigarette alone before bed. But what had caused the sudden pain to my back passage, how were my clothes removed and how or who folded them neatly by my bedside? I searched my mind deeper and harder in the hope I could remember what had happened and as I did I remembered a strange dream I’d had with three small gray human like figures looking at my bedroom window but that was just a dream I told myself, but there was no other explanation had I been abducted, had an anul probe inserted then returned and my clothes left neatly on the floor? Surely not I told myself and searched for an alternative explanation. But the more I searched the more I struggled for an explanation and tried to convince myself that the missing clothes being found folded by my bedside and the three gray figures were all just a dream.

However the one thing that tells otherwise is the pain I experienced to my back passage, if that was also a part of my dream why did I experience that first before any of the strange memories and accuracies surely the pai would have awoken me as it does in all dreams, for example you would not continue dreaming of a visit to the dentist or injury plus my back passage ached well into the late morning. For a very long time I have now I have tried to make sense of what happened that night and I still am. Every time I try to talk about it 9/10 times, I get ridiculed and laughed at. This happened to me in my late teens – early twenty’s I am now 61 years of age and no closer to an explanation. Can you help? Have you had any similar reports? NOTE: The above image is CGI.



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY





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