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If you want a moon base on your wall…had this started years ago…but never shared it out. For those curious.

the sun is worse than I have ever seen it… More fires on the sun from yesterday March 28th 2022. Expect to see some crazy weather phenomenon and possibly some large objects will be attracted into the Solar System…the more the sun ramps up. Ufo lights on the moon and OUTGASSING theory explained with live telescope footage of real clouds hazes smokes and gasses on the moon….coming out of Eratosthenes crater…just at the tip of the Apennine mountains …the highest point on the moon. Is this outgassing on the moon or are we looking at a cloud covered moon..Remember…outgassing for ME is only a theory. Not to choose a side but I am keeping both sides optionally open loll. Think of it..CLOUDS? VEGETATION? UFO HIGHWAY? Hmmmm

Well known French Ufologist and Paranormal & Entity researcher in France, Christian Macé…

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