The Big Picture, available now exclusively on Billy Carson’s 4BiddenKnowledgeTV – Follow this link to watch all 3 seasons now – Steve and Robbie delve into the mysteries surrounding the Alaska Triangle. A large region that is purported to be one of the strangest locations on the planet. In this episode, special guest, presenter and TV personality Andrew Gough discusses some of the most profound reported incidents that involve, secret military bases, ancient artifacts, strange cryptid creatures, paranormal encounters, UFO incidents and much more.

Season 3: Join investigative researchers Steve Mera and Robbie Graham as they delve into the subjects of the Paranormal, Strange Cryptid Sightings, UFO Encounters, The Evidence of an Inner Earth, The Mysteries surrounding the Highgate Vampire, The Occult Practice throughout London, Mysterious Disappearances and high stragness incidents within the Alaska Triangle with presenter and researcher Andrew Gough.
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